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Charade is not even a word deserving of a connection to this house and this collection.
Amid all the sensationalism, few voices have denounced the charade of family unity for electoral ends.
Both countries have to stop the charade that misinforms their own people about what they are doing and why.
Our local community college should be shut down tomorrow so no more money is wasted on the charade.
There was, however, a problem: it was all a charade.
Whether his appearance qualifies as a thin charade or an awkward obligation is unclear.
And it is either a game changer or the biggest charade in the history of economics.
So an extended living room serves as a place to enjoy the sun and rain privately without the charade of the wilderness.
But the move must be recognized for the cynical charade it is.
In other words, our pose of idiosyncratic uniqueness was a big charade.
Public announcements of such deals are something of a charade.
As an exercise in fiscal responsibility, it is a charade.
In other cases, they did not even bother to go through that charade.
Better be honest than continue this charade of lies and deception.
Africans may find this better than our charade of a democracy.
She won the job, but had to quit when her charade was discovered.
He circles around, charges her again and tries to nip her, but now she's getting bored with the charade and moves away from him.
The charade of democracy will continue until it absolutely groans and falls apart.
Another charade to ensure that the banking industry continues to take almost half of the nation's profits.

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