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Understand that you must catch readers' attention and engage their interest in your first few sentences.
Allocating catch shares is a difficult and often fraught process.
Watch this dipper bird dive deep to catch food on a river bottom.
The water then overflows slowly into a rock-covered catch basin.
Cavers in the tropics can catch leptospirosis from water contaminated with the urine of rats and bats.
But the same technology is also giving professors easier ways to catch cheaters.
But in the long term capacity should catch up and prices will fall.
Watch this video to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures.
Dendritic cells catch invaders and tell the immune system when and how to respond.
Its leaves catch and hold raindrops better than any other plant.
Those left unemployed or underemployed are struggling to retrain and catch up with the new economy's needs.
Catch a wave, and you're sitting on top of the hydrosphere.
Professional space scientists have been rushing to catch up using the world's biggest telescopes.
The catch is that fossil flowers and fruits are rare compared with leaves.
Spiders catch and consume insects, other spiders and even small animals including snakes and birds.
Catch shares integrate the economic and environmental sides of fisheries management.
The search is on for why the prize catch is so scarce.
The catch is that buyers only get their free iPod after more people sign up.
And when that wave of vibrations comes along, the researchers will be ready to catch it.
The only way up is to walk-over loose rock, past prickly brush and rattlesnakes-with frequent pauses to catch one's breath.
Spillover flows into a catch basin below the bowl and recirculates.
The goal of the tasks is to give hunters who have figured out the location of runners a genuine chance to catch them.
The invertebrates are choking fishing nets and poisoning the catch with their toxic stingers, fishers say.
That's one reason why tire recycling is starting to catch on in a big way.
We set up a small fan on the floor and laid a sheet down to catch the debris.
After warning for years that athletes would try to dope their genes, scientists are finding ways to catch them.
Catch heart-pounding clips and a full-length show every week.
We still need to try and catch that deficit up as much as possible.
Here and there in the wilderness, buckets are placed to catch samples of the leaves.
The map shows where the catch of the day might have come from.
Other dangerous locations include hollows and low, enclosed areas that catch cold air as it sinks, then hold it motionless.
Meteor gazers have one last chance to catch a show this year.
Watch a piece of charcoal catch fire and see what happens when a cube of gelatin is dropped on a flat surface.
If you catch a mitten crab, do not throw it back alive.
They catch seals as they come up to breathe or climb onto the ice.
Now you can have it without having to catch a flight.
The closer it gets, the slower it travels, and it can never quite catch up.
Watch as the entire community comes out of the woodwork to play catch up at the farmers' market.
Knowing the possible things to be thrown-up will help you to be ready to catch it well.
If it meant sleeping on a filing shelf in the office to catch them before they went out again, he did it.
Playing catch with your children is something that all parents do.
To catch the best view of a prolific meteor shower, scrap your plans tonight and get to bed for an early morning tomorrow.
Imagine, he says, that you are having a drink at an airport bar waiting to catch your flight.
Or catch a street musician on your way to check out the whitewater action from a pedestrian bridge.
But as with many things in this world, there's a catch to the ocean buffer.
Globe-trotting managers are never sure they will catch their flights.
To catch the majesty and horror of fire as you did in this photo is magnificent.
At the dock, commercial fishermen unload their catch before their boats are hoisted by crane from the sea.
To feed, they fly from perches and catch insects on or near the ground.
Former students play catch up with their former teachers and professors.
Net technologies further improved catch rates, and refrigeration stretched the fishing boats' capabilities even further.
Leave the windows thrown open to catch the nighttime chorus of crickets and the river's constant, gentle whoosh.
Our exclusive surfing guide features ten hot spots to catch southern-hemi swells this summer.
It should not take decades for government agencies to catch up with the latest findings of science.
Put this in the empty section to catch the fat as it melts, preventing flare-ups.
People catch the disease after they inhale infected particles of dried rodent dung and urine.
The velocity will be good for an air vehicle to catch.
Things in motion sooner catch the eye than what not stirs.
When the fox wishes to catch geese he wags his tail.
Ordinarily in church if a friend happens to catch your eye, you smile, but never actually bow.
These large birds use their elastic pouches to catch fish-though different species use it in different ways.
Harbor seal pups and adults are smaller than gray seal pups and adults and are therefore easier for the sharks to catch and eat.
They were there to catch and return to the wild a rattlesnake that had slithered indoors.
Humans typically catch rabies after being bitten by an infected animal, usually a dog-and the infection usually stops there.
Pelicans swim in groups to fish, using their throat pouches to catch their meals.
To catch the potential new shrews, the team used pitfall traps.
Students are taught how to catch a snake using a canvas bag so that it can be relocated to a safer area.
Stainless steel appliances, sink, and hardware catch the light.
Once you're back on solid ground, he'll gladly snap your picture and fillet your catch.
Make an individual terrace for each plant and create a basin or low spot behind each one to catch water.
We put newspapers under the frame to catch debris, then placed the hops on the screen and spread them out in a single layer.
She had to move his tent, open-fronted to catch any breeze, four times a day so his family would always be in shade.
The word is a catch-all for every vile behavior humankind can muster.
If you're in town, take a moment to catch some of these great exhibits while you still can.
Think about that when you catch yourself toiling toward some mythical standard of perfection.
Bats employ a sonar system that allows them to catch prey under the cover of darkness.
The catch, of course, is that not all students have the same opportunities or an equal degree of savvy.
Then they have to take off the telescope, write notes, and then go back to the board and try and catch up with the lecture.
Of course, if they did they could statistically predict what the best way to catch small squid would be.
Seeing the position of the mitt at the catch is where the decision chain begins, followed by the ball in the zone decision.
In the race to catch drug cheats, sports officials are turning to more sophisticated tests.
And children who lack this capacity, such as in autism, also show deficits in their ability to catch others' yawns.
The influenza virus constantly mutates, forcing scientists to play catch-up and produce a new seasonal vaccine each year.
Where there are fishery boats docking after a day's catch, there are usually seabirds hovering in hopes of lifting scraps.
The post-war period is rich in examples of blistering catch-up growth.
And when the catch was landed, prices plummeted because the market was flooded.
The past few months have seen a rapid rise in interest in software designed to catch the cheats.
Somewhere in the world, a large underdeveloped economy enjoys rapid catch-up growth.
It is time for management thinkers to catch up with science-fiction writers.
The easy catch-up gains are exhausted and the economy slows or gets stuck.
We know how to catch salmon without significantly hurting the marine environment.
Today, we're playing a game of catch-up by dedicating more money to paying off debt and paying up savings.
Laptops equipped with lithium-ion batteries occasionally overheat and catch fire.
The high-velocity impact could have caused other lithium-ion batteries to overheat and catch fire.
That's significant because it means that any patch can catch up during the night.
For years, materials scientists have been trying to catch up with geckos.
Yet technology for such virtual face-to-face meetings has yet to catch on as a routine business tool.
The more energy packed into a battery, the higher the danger that the liquid electrolyte will catch fire.
T o catch the future of payment schemes, go underground.
If a close friend has a cold, chances are you might catch it.
If a commanding officer thinks the software is correct, he'll send a patrol ahead of time to catch the criminal red-handed.
It incorporates handheld computers connected to the museum's wireless network, which the students are using to catch a thief.
Nowadays he can catch an ordinary swarm in a few minutes.
Stores would rather deter shoplifters than catch them.
The point was that months were henceforward spent by me trying to devise ways to catch the drum rotating.
If you wanna catch a lot of fish, you've gotta take an aggressive approach.
We get them morsel by morsel, and the brisk dicing between them can catch the viewer unprepared.
They keep pots in their attic to catch leaks but fetch them down for cooking.
Certainly, it's easier than ever before to catch anything from an error to outright lies.
We used to catch them in our backyard by the handfuls.
Scouts had been whispering throughout spring training that he could no longer catch up with a big-league fastball.
None of their sense of purpose or promise seemed to catch the imagination of the local press, however.
He bought a house and went to work for a hedge fund-the latecomer playing catch-up, eager for a piece.
My ears catch less and less of conversations, and my eyes have weakened, though they are still insatiable.
We catch a vision of the economy as a coiled spring held down by the weight of government.
Each company goes out on a mission and you kick the door down and catch them red-handed.
The technology has outpaced the ethics, and it seems justified to ask whether the ethics can ever catch up again.
Stare long enough at a single sentence, and you'll catch a clinker.
It is easier to catch up economically than it is to break new paths, or so the argument goes.
It makes judgments and takes action without waiting for our conscious awareness to catch up with it.
The catch is that domain-generality in cognition should never be confused with the notion of general-purpose adaptation.
As the story progresses, though, reality begins to catch up.
The curriculum is still a catch all of often unrelated pieces of information.
The catch was that none of them had paid much attention to consumer protection.
Don would have put on his uniform and announced solemnly that he had a helicopter to catch.
For several hours afterward he could not catch the waves.
Anti-virus software will catch a lot of it, eventually.
Partly this is because it's in the media's interest to catch them.
It amazes me how long it took her to catch on that her fiancé was having an affair.
More evidence that food trends are always the last to catch on to something.
Put skillet in middle of oven over a piece of foil to catch any drips.
It is fun and you do have a few minutes to catch up.
His house was situated perfectly to catch the afternoon light.
Many animals depend on stealth to catch prey, but a small tentacled water snake resorts to downright trickery.
She was paranoid that she would catch it and the kids would catch it and chaos-we'd all have ulcers and cancer.
The iconic voice, catch-phrase and whistling theme music will all be missed greatly.
Fog collection entails stretching out nets or canvas on poles and using the mesh to catch moisture from the breeze.
The only catch in this efficient system is that low pressure can also mean rain, and rain means no insects.
That's what you want to know when you train a dog or ride a horse or try to catch a barnyard goose.
Officials are considering ideas to control the fish's spread, such as paying fisherman to catch it.
But there is a catch with the science: it focuses on mitochondrial lineages.
Unless the camera is powerful enough to catch the stars through the clouds, but it doesn't explain the rectangle around the moon.
Missing from the eye was the layer of rods and cones, the photoreceptors that catch light.
We think they catch illnesses from the local people.
Catch the photons before they scatter and you can tell exactly where they are coming from.

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