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Example sentences for carry out

Initially, the crew tried to carry out this operation by helicopter, but two efforts were fruitless.
Few traditional colleges could carry out such growth while simultaneously slashing tuition.
Plus, her husband made a decent enough income that she could carry out her threat and they knew that.
The kids were selected largely on the basis of their ability to carry out instructions.
Pharmaceutical companies developed the drugs, but they contracted with academic physicians to carry out the clinical testing.
Each detector is designed to carry out a set of experiments.
These have been programmed to carry out a variety of coordinated movements, but can still be controlled individually.
But all wiretaps were in danger because advanced digital telephone systems would make it harder to install and carry out the taps.
Chlorophyll makes them green and helps carry out photosynthesis during warm, sunny months.
Maybe, but this is not the sort of experiment you can carry out in your bathroom.
The early chloroplasts united with algae to carry out this prehistoric function.
They question the morality of our using remote-controlled aircraft to carry out attacks, resulting in civilian casualties.
Different parts of the brain carry out different functions and interact with each other in complex ways.
Now carry out a series of periodic measurements on the photon.
It's also possible to draw lenses on different websites and sync them in order to carry out a historical comparison.
It is perpetrated by people, people with intents, people that organize themselves to carry out despicable acts.
When you have bombs coming down on your heads, you can't carry out planning and suicide attacks.
Thousands of policemen arrived to carry out a court-ordered eviction, though they found only nine tenants.
The commission will now be able to carry out surprise inspections, allowing it to gather evidence before it is shredded.
The team are now looking for industrial partners to carry out further tests.
But it is absolutely wrong to carry out terrorism or extremism.
His health secretary, for example, was confirmed quickly but had no deputy to carry out his orders.
They did not carry out the routine internal controls and daily reconciliations of the trading which is basic function.
The point of such software was to allow one to focus while writing or carry out other creative tasks requiring attention.
Someone would still need to carry out pre-flight checks and other duties.
Your story shed valuable light on why some zealots make the inconceivable choice to carry out horrendous acts of terrorism.
These studies measure aspects of an individual's sense of well-being and ability to carry out various activities.

Famous quotes containing the word carry out

However diligent she may be, however dedicated, no mother can escape the larger influences of culture, biology, fate . .... more
We always carry out by committee anything in which any one of us alone would be too reasonable to persist.... more
It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out<... more
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