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We are here to open the campaign, not with slander and calumny, but to unite and draw closely to the old party all its members.
He faced a coalition of church, industry and popular press, and a nastier one of slander and whispered calumny.
We also have the letters which depict a sorrowful heart that suffered so much from the political calumny of his day.
Then he would not have to seek office, in itself an undignified procedure which opens to calumny his entire past.
Squatting vendors of tea and kebab jostle soapbox ranters hawking high ideals and dirty calumny.
Yet in real life, calumny and gossip are what really fuel the precinct, the cafeteria or the operating room.
This column acknowledges that the foregoing is not just caricature, it is calumny.
One triumphs over calumny only by disdaining it.
Think about the calumny you are used to hearing on the editorial pages whenever the topic comes up.
He never excused or justified himself if reprehended, and never answered any calumny, even though carried to his superiors.
It is a vile little conspiracy, a cheap vendetta against those who dare to be offended by calumny.
The charges included calumny, offense to a government member, and the divulging of defense secrets.

Famous quotes containing the word calumny

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