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Whatever you think of standardized tests, going test-optional is not a piece of cake.
Even so, strategic partnerships internationally are hardly a piece of cake.
It places colleges in the role of bakers laying out cake samples, with free content an inducement to for-credit courses.
Take each piece separately in hands and twist from ends in opposite directions, coil and bring ends together at top of cake.
Take cake to be dipped on a three-tined fork and lower in fondant three-fourths the depth of cake.
Shape cream cake mixture oblong, making twelves cakes.
Shape cream cake mixture four and one-half inches long by one inch wide, by forcing through a pastry bag and tube.
Sauté circular pieces of sponge cake in butter until delicately browned.
Covered in funnel cake batter and deep-fried, it makes you wish you could find these as easily as the regular candy bar.
Don't despair about the number of candles on your cake.
But the name still manages to be misleading as figgy pudding is more of a cake than a pudding.
But for me, gaining a lifelong, live-in opponent was the icing on the wedding cake.
My mom made me a devil's-food cake with red candles.
As for preventative medicine, in my family, it meant avoiding lepers and trying not to eat a whole cake by yourself.
Decades of supermarket cake mixes have inflicted some real harm at home, of course.
Decorate with the cookies, pecans, and cake decorating gels as shown.
Level the sponge cake off at the top using a slicing knife.
But the interests of labour and capital are aligned when it comes to the size of the shared cake.
Corn dogs, funnel cake-burst seams are made of these.
Labour's share would remain low, though workers may still be better off if the cake itself is growing faster.
The problem is the wooden superstructure, the white wedding-cake of decks above the boat's mighty hull.
Keep talking, thought the rebels, and in time the whole cake will be ours.
When you're alone, it's a piece of cake to get tickets.
It won't last, mostly because they want to have their cake and eat it.
The presidential visit was portrayed as putting the icing on the cake of dialogue.
Toss them in sugar and spoon onto this extra-moist cake.
Caramel-coated walnuts and cranberries top this tender, easy to make, cake.
Ground almonds are the star in this light cake with sweet-tart raspberry sauce.
To put the finishing touch on your cake, choose any flowers that complement the style and colors of your wedding.
The tender berry cake rises to the top, and the creamy lemon cake sinks to the bottom.
With the recipe it's easy to make a cake, but try to reconstruct the recipe once the cake is finished.
You're trying to exercise willpower-to avoid eating that second piece of cake or buying an electronic toy you don't really need.
Parents often shoulder the burden of advocacy, running cake sales and other fund-raising events to support research.
Then they rated their liking for a variety of foods, from cake and ice cream to cranberries, sauerkraut and salsa.
Finally a pill to reverse the affects of wedding cake.
Could be the fats and eggs in the cake and fats in the frosting.
Of course, it's a big step from this theoretical work to actually baking a cake that computes.
For the computer, storing a lot of stuff and accessing it quickly are a piece of cake.
What caught his eye was a small red gem of urinal cake, which had been tumbled and abraded into a perfect, fluid-winnowed capsule.
When the cake of primitive custom is broken the range of possibilities open to a people is immeasurably wider.
The cake she chose was decorated with a spaceship and a launching pad under a sprinkling of white stars.
The ice cream and topping are so good that you don't even need to agonize over the short cake.
Hydrogen is the ultimate have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too alternative fuel.
To try a recipe for semolina cake with geranium-scented sugar syrup, known as harissa, click here.
We think he must mean red velvet cake, which is common, though not nearly as common as the magnificent pies that are baked here.
Any baker has had some sort of cake disaster: an omitted ingredient, over-baking, lumpy icing.
She could eat a plate of ribs and two hours later be craving pork rinds or red-velvet cake.
Sadly, neither the cake nor the pills were real, though genuine cake and ice cream were on offer a few paces away.
The perfect scent to wear while not eating your wedding cake.
Then he smashed his face in someone's birthday cake.
If any cake could be called refreshing, this would be the one.
Glazed pecans add some crunch to the layers of silky pudding, ripe bananas, and tender cake.
The contentious mathematics of division applies to everything from birthday cake to real estate.
For the tiny flatworm, regeneration of missing body parts is a piece of cake.
Ultimately, the result is a kind of shock wave layer cake.
Afterward a pyramid-shaped cake was presented and devoured.
The peppering of background galaxies are the icing on the cake too.
So you're okay with my believing that there are fairies in my oven, as long as the cake turns out tasty.
Not only that, but many social sciences have normative biases baked into the cake of their disciplines.
The dynamics of the galaxy's population can be roughly thought of as a bunch of chocolate chips in a swirling cake batter.
The details of historical plausibility aren't really that critical, they're icing on the cake.
When the cake is inverted, it comes out with the crunch baked onto its surface.
It was for a butterscotch pecan cake with a liqueur-flavored glaze.
And yet, there's one royal realm where restraint doesn't necessarily mean good taste-that of the wedding cake.
He's acquired the lacquered sheen of a wedding-cake groom that makes his every move stiff and dramatically false.
We had dinner at a local restaurant, and he polished off the meal with a big piece of chocolate cake.
The episode also attempted, per usual, to have its rum cake and eat it too.
The oil is a lubricant to improve the mouth feel of the cake.
To make the cake a different color, select the paint bucket and slide the arrow to the desired color.

Famous quotes containing the word cake

Life for me has been exactly what I thought it would be—a cake, which I have eaten and had too.... more
So that the old joy, modest as cake, as wine and friendship Will stay with us at the last, backed by the ni... more
The first year was like icing. Then the cake started to show through.... more
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