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Butterflies and gardens had been bouncing around in a number of heads here.
The only light was the laser-sight's light bouncing off the snow.
Next to the equipment two more boys jumped rope, their bare feet bouncing in rhythm on the cracked concrete.
Bouncing off the thread on dystopian themed books.
The bouncing apostrophe bespeaks a certain uncertainty.
One club kept bouncing our paycheck, every week, for five weeks.
There she was bouncing and tearing round after this windy leaf.
The audience's excitement can be felt, transmitted through bouncing rows of interconnected blue plastic seats.
When his hand touches the shade, the carriage flies off, bouncing away on its single wheel.
His neck sinks and his head bobs, head wires bouncing on the offbeat.
Night-flying bats are famous for their use of echolocation-bouncing sound waves off objects at fairly close range.
It's not easy bouncing at high speed in a chariot, shooting arrows.
The intensity of a summer's day radiates from this image made in bright sun, the light bouncing off the purple and green plants.
The slow reproductive rate means that decimated populations may have a tough time bouncing back.
If this pattern of growth were resuming, it would be good news: nearly half the world economy would be bouncing back.
Follow the bouncing ball of unintended economic consequences.
There are hints that consumption has begun bouncing back a bit.
Requests for co-operation have been bouncing between and within governments.
They curve wildly, practically bouncing around in midair.
When a series of kick gems come down the lane, the motion becomes a controlled bouncing.
The kids are riding around on rims with no tires bouncing around severely rutted dirt roads.
He'll be bouncing around the region as much as possible and writing about things he encounters along the way.
The dogs bounded back to him, the lovely bouncing run, the ears afloat.
He read the manual as he was bouncing around in the waves on a speedboat.
Its legs are modified for bouncing and its eyes stick out from the sides of its head, so it can look while it leaps.
The zodiacal light is produced by sunlight bouncing off interplanetary dust particles in our solar system.
And, predictably, your little cousins are bouncing off the walls.
They push outward on flasks or pistons or balloons simply by bouncing off those surfaces at high speed.
He dreams of bouncing entangled light off of satellites in orbit.
Their tails are curled to one side, which may affect their ability to steer-hence, their bouncing mode of transportation.
Laser light bouncing off the tip records its movements and traces whatever surfaces it encounters, wet or dry.
Bouncing back from insults, slights, or the endless forms of bullying is one of life's more vexing challenges.
By bouncing laser light into the cavity the physicists monitored the position of the cantilever.
Ah, that's where that idea of information cannot exceed the speed of light that was bouncing around in my head came from.
Ultrasonic waves are usually innocuous, bouncing off tissue.
It can only be done by bouncing photons off a high energy beam of electrons circulating in a particle accelerator.
Bouts last only three minutes and feature as much bouncing and pausing as thrusting and parrying.
It's mostly that double bouncing light that is indefinable.
Tsunamis are so persistent that they can reverberate through an ocean for days, bouncing back and forth between continents.
In that work, researchers showed babies videos of yellow and blue shapes bouncing around a container.
If everyone had as much sugar as some kids these days everyone would be bouncing off the walls.
Microwaves bouncing around inside an oven cook food by vibrating molecules in the food, primarily water, which generates heat.
Rainbows are created when sunlight reflects inside water droplets, bouncing back to you.
Bouncing around gives the proton a net angular momentum.
They also masked their steps by flexing their legs and bouncing, mimicking the sensation of wind-swept debris striking the web.
These pulses are aimed at the asteroid and move at the speed of light, hitting the rock and bouncing back.
Visible light insists on bouncing off even the flimsiest nontransparent objects.
The sound would eventually convert to heat anyway after bouncing around the walls of the room.
If you have a wave bouncing around inside a box the result can be chaos.
Then all of a sudden, the light bouncing off the membrane began to wobble and dance.
The tennis ball was bouncing slightly before release.
Instead, all the work is done by sound waves bouncing around in an empty cavity.
It is this complex structure that keeps the solar light beams trapped within the cuticle, bouncing between layers.
Instead there was a lot of mushy stuff with children bouncing around, which gives the impression of cynical manipulation.
It's all about bouncing back and having the mindset of getting better every day.
It's more important than ever to avoid bouncing checks.
It is more important than ever to avoid bouncing checks.
Every so often it seemed to amuse itself by bouncing a ball down the stairs.
He shot a banker's ear off because the banker kept bouncing a check even though there were funds.

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