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Scientists generally describe human taste perception in terms of four qualities: saltiness, sourness, sweetness and bitterness.
The alpha acids in the resin contribute to the bitterness of beer.
He ultimately conceded-not in bitterness but in fair play.
Similarly, coffee can be improved for people who are sensitive to bitterness by masking its sharpness with cream or sugar.
Please keep partisan bitterness out of places where it is irrelevant.
My views have often been grossly distorted, attacked with bitterness and made to sound silly.
Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.
Nor does it see the suffering, the bitterness and the loss.
The mix is left to ferment for up to six days to reduce the beans' bitterness.
Also, there's no question that bitterness is influenced by diet and the flavor is subject to a recipient's individual preferences.
Bitterness may be motivational for adolescents, but it's utterly unsustainable for adults.
We are comfortable, happily living, without bitterness.
Years and years away from loved ones, locked in libraries, spilling bitterness into a laptop computer.
They have the bitterness of a group whose worldview has proven itself to be a sham.
The tiny sprouts-less than an inch across-lack the bitterness of their full-grown counterparts.
Sadness, even bitterness, has been a the crucial ingredient in much of the best modern comedy.
The other feature is the bitterness of the war's fruits.
Their bitterness reflected concerns about geopolitics more than trade.
So bitterness from above joined bitterness from below-though not quite the same bitterness.
In the long run it is the bitterness and ruthlessness of the world of this theater that stays the hand.
We suddenly understand her-her bitterness, her deep pool of sadness.
The two officers remained on duty in other roles, though straining against bitterness, and anxious about the future.
Therefore land-tenure is a source of bitterness and of rampant tribalism encouraged by election fever.
He never expressed genuine displeasure, contempt or bitterness toward any guest or any bit.
When their bitterness is removed, acorns can be much more than food for squirrels.
Peel the eggplants, cut them lengthwise in quarters if they are large, and salt them to remove bitterness if necessary.
Bitterness is a byproduct of the mustard reaction, but that bitterness fades after a day or so.
Nevertheless, there was still the abiding bitterness that needed reigning in.
Fortunately, a politics of bitterness isn't foreordained.
Some people boil the cardoons twice, changing the water, in order to remove any possible bitterness.
Never did they have less cause for bitterness and resentment.
The world had not let the spring flow forth, and it had turned to bitterness.
There are moments of irritation and of real bitterness against him, but there is admiration because he is rich and successful.
Dandelion greens lose their bitterness in this creamy tart.
The usual explanation for why salt would eliminate bitterness doesn't entirely make sense, anyway.
Rarely has anyone suffered so much and for so long with so little apparent bitterness.
No one would begrudge him a bit of bitterness over his departure, but he's taking it in stride.
But bitterness and envy may have played a part, too.
But the bitterness extended well beyond those directly affected by the tragedy.
But each time the killings resumed: the bitterness is deep, and profits of several hundred million dollars a year are at stake.
Lower-income residents complain with increasing bitterness about house prices.
Moral and political reform, he believed, would come only when bitterness and resentment vanished from human hearts.
The bitterness of feeling will become more and more acute.
One day, they will understand the callousness and bitterness and willful ignorance they currently represent.
There is no bitterness in the moods to which these poems give expression.
Laying aside his resentment, he stores it up to bring it forward with increased bitterness.
Go to the source, and examine if it is not some secret root of bitterness in your heart.
Great care is to be taken that she conceive no aversion to studies, lest their bitterness remain in riper years.
His successes were so repeated that no wonder the envious and the vanquished spoke sometimes with bitterness regarding them.
With the dying wiggle of the final snake dance, football becomes largely a matter of theoretical bitterness.
The book told the story of his early years in a voice purged of anger and bitterness and self-pity.
Please do not mistake my tone for that of bitterness.
The key to the band's appeal, though, is an unexpected lack of bitterness.
As the court grew colder to civil rights, he did little to hide his bitterness.
Most vegetables have chemical compounds that make them taste bitter, although many also have sugars that mask the bitterness.
Discovered mechanism of delayed bitterness in citrus juices and identified enzyme system that prevents bitterness in whole fruit.
Hops have been used for centuries to impart aroma and bitterness to beer.
Bitterness of the tannins is removed by leaching in running water.

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