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Scientists who say that global warming is a reality base their opinion on computer modeling.
Other scientist of a contrary view base their opinion on observation.
The makeup was literally a base, a foundation base, and that's it.
The band's mission is to establish a foundation and to present words that are matched, invisibly, to that base.
The base is heavily fortified with blast walls and razor wire.
There are two military considerations to space-base proposals.
Apply the base coat.
The soup base may be boiled, strained, and refrigerated.
The base offers overnight accommodation to tourists.
This guy is so far off base that he and his comments are an insult to both higher education and the legal profession.
There is no guarantee that a massive increase in the monetary base would boost bank lending.
This bisquitroot has lower leaves clustered near the base of the plant.
Today, the state is the base for the largest, nationally owned oil industry.
Position the roof so the drain slot clears the base.
Instead of using a cooked tomato sauce base, you barely heat diced fresh tomatoes with the seasonings.
In heavily infested trees, fallen pupal cases and dead adult weevils may be found around the base of the tree.
The barnacle sheds a good portion of its body and, slim as a slug, slips into the hole at the base of one of the crab's hairs.
Near the base of one maple, she found a beetle sprinkled with sawdust, its head submerged in a dime-size hole in the tree's trunk.
After the emergence of single filaments came multiple filaments joined at the base.
The fragility of this natural wonder is apparent: large fragments from recently collapsed cliffs lie at the base of rock faces.
On living whales, it's typically green with algae and alive with sea lice at its base.
Once elections were won, the issues that fired up the base almost always took a back seat to the economic concerns of the elite.
However, the unfavorable weather and huge base of snow meant the avalanche risk was too high to try.
The scientists base their theory on charred bones and stone tools found on the island.
Sunrise filtering through the rising mist at the base of the falls.
Other organisms affected by temperature change include krill, an extremely important link at the base of the food chain.
In the future, if his base salary and bonuses exceed the guaranteed amount, he will receive only the base salary and the bonuses.
He declined to specify the base salary his school offers.
If they get it wrong and the other teams get it right, they get on first base.
And those who got the merit raise in the right year, had a boost every year afterwards since it was added to the base pay.
It gives them a base to start from rather than having to completely research the topic on their own.
Without going into detail, they couldn't be further off-base.
New plans to base teacher pay and state funding with student performance will only make things worse.
Basically, the idea is that by selling more services to the shrinking client base, they will be able to grow their profits.
For those who wish to base their arguments on facts.
All batteries will do this, so don't base your decision on battery life.
He has a personal data base of awesome storage capacity.
Merino wool is widely regarded as the ideal base layer for its ability to adjust its properties to differing situations.
Around its base is a ring of transparent plastic that glows blue.
Cover the base in grey fondant, then put the body on, shoving the dowels through so it stands up.
At the sculpture's base is a round pool with fountain pump that sends water in a circular motion around the pool.
Egg-shaped charging base is as pretty as the headset.
And it also jumped from a platform to glide as far as possible from the base.
Use the base of a heavy pan or a meat mallet to finely crush the peppercorns and coriander.
It's pretty simple: on top of the coffee pot is a cylinder with a perforated base.
We are, for instance, converting our economy from its old industrial base to a new model based on service and information.
They can choose to rescind promises to old folks because the tax base can't support the guarantees.
And candidates running in a wide-open primary will have to rely on a broader base of contributors.
And it's something that indeed is at the base of my work.
Even if no more time is lost, he will have only eight weeks to test the underbody, the car's structural base.
To tell if something is an acid or a base, you can use a chemical called an indicator.
There's a finite capacity that the cell phone system can support at any given base station.
But there are side shoots or suckers at the base of the main stalk, which can be removed and replanted to continue the cultivar.
The hypothalamus, which sits at the base of the brain, acts as the body's thermostat.
Instead of planting the base of a turbine in the seabed, researchers need only plant an anchor for the tether.
Barely a decade ago scientists who study how planets form had to base their theory on a single example-our solar system.
Before worrying about a moon base, what about a space station orbiting the moon.
Each slab has a surface made of recycled truck tires and a base made of recycled polymer concrete.
Apart from hydroelectricity, it is the only base-load source that does not require burning fossil fuels.
The second is that there is a large grey area between being imprisoned by the base and tearing it down.
Not a bad record, but modest compared with growth rates in other emerging markets, which started from a much lower base.
Flat tax-rates on a broad base are less distortive than high marginal rates on a narrow base.
Many firms need a flexible capital base to expand-one reason the partnership model in banking declined.
Occasionally it sends a slip to the base of the second metatarsal bone.
The temporal bones are situated at the sides and base of the skull.
Its base is continuous with the body of the bone, and of considerable strength.
The tendon is inserted into the base of the second metacarpal bone, and sends a slip to the base of the third metacarpal bone.
Base-The base presents an oval surface for articulation with the sacrum.
The body of each cell is pyramidal in shape, its base being directed to the deeper parts and its apex toward the surface.
But that base can be extended with anything from squid to lettuce to pork to shallots.
Temporary wooden dwellings clustered at the base of the conical hills.
The previous aim of reform had been to broaden the base of the government to include elements of the loyal opposition.
And its original base of operations was located-had been located for quite some time-in my esophagus.
But you can use her home as a base to explore all sorts of wild hot spots in the area.
They rented the property on the spot and later bought it and made it their base.
He has a dream, and he's doubling down on it: a base on the big round rock in the sky by the end of the decade.
The tree's trunk is fifteen feet across at the base.
The other unromantic moment came with what also should have been a softball, or a soft satellite: the moon base.
He has to stop, and then re-start toward first base.
Protective white blood cells congregate around the base, forming the puslike material that sometimes alarms parents.
For a permanent lunar base, such mechanical failures could spell disaster.
Whatever axiomatic system you base your calculations on, there are true statements that lie beyond the system's reach.
In five minutes, two people can set up the base and inflate the beams to expand the polyurethane canopy.
Upstairs from the laboratory was a large criminal museum that served as a reference base.
Their axons can go great distances, the longest ones extending all the way from the toes to the base of the spine.
Generically salt is the simple marriage of any acid with any base, which contributes a spare electron.
The behavioral experiments at the base of this work wouldn't, in principle, surprise a tyro in sophomore biology.
The base will be able to produce two carrier rockets each year after the first stage of construction is completed next year.
Without an increasingly large base of awareness and predisposition towards a client's brand-well, adios.
Along the way, they will also have to search for designated objects and report their findings back to base.
Also, while on hot new cloud computing, why not have base with higher computational power and few rovers.
Maintain client base, grow existing business and prospect new accounts.
Conceivably, a wind turbine battery for smoothing loads could fit inside the tower base.
People might also have the option of keeping their own battery at a base close to home and rent one for longer trips.
The forest needs its organic compost base for fertility.
Stem cell form the base or beginning of all cells they are harboured before any identifiable cells are formed.
The base plate is the threaded component of the oil filter.
The motor in the base of the fan sucks in air and pushes it up into the ring.
In some cases, these fees amount to several times a school's base tuition.

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