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All you do is move the question back up the line of how did life come into being.
We are finally settled-in having moved back up the north of the state.
Past that wonderfully distinctive gate--scan back up and take a closer look at it--things get even more interesting.
Now he had a bodily frame which could back up any resolution he might take.
We shivered ourselves warm again in the summer sun before hiking back up the mountainside to the hostel.
The crust will seem crisp when it first comes out, then soften immediately, but will crisp back up as it cools.
We descend into a valley for the night and head back up the mountain the following morning.
So you suddenly stop and try to back up and get out of the way of this gigantic bus.
They are flying back up here as they have over the eons.
Bloggers have long used the technique to back up their views.
Pricing power will return and commodity prices will shoot back up.
When this began eating into lenders' profits, they reacted by pushing subprime rates back up.
Senior administration officials back up the president.
It also means that if inflation does fall to zero or turns slightly negative, it could be difficult to get it back up.
Indeed, since researchers started employing genetically altered animals this way, that number has been creeping back up.
If inflation creeps back up, and interest rates do not change, monetary policy would actually get looser.
The trouble is, the evidence does not back up this litany.
Exports can help spread costs, but different countries demand different specifications, which pushes costs back up.
Sudden opening of the cords allows the pressurized air to flow back up the respiratory tract to expel the irritants.
But its far too little of a reason to back up what s actually happening quantum mechanically.
The disaster knocked out emergency generators designed to back up systems that cooled the plant's three operating reactors.
When the fluid comes back up, it carries extremely salty water that can contain heavy metals and radioactive elements.
And a base load unit takes a day or two to get back up, as long as they have some incoming power to get all the systems up.
What is released is taken back up by the next generation.
The good news is that if empathy can go down, it can also go back up.
At some point, you've got to have something to back up your statement.
It might be that you could work your way back up the limb progressively.
Astronomers may soon have observations to back up their hypotheses about lunar companions to extrasolar worlds.
Once you flip back up to the top screen, this serves as ammunition for special attacks that you can unload onto enemies.
And he's skinned his shins trekking over some of them to back up his belief.
She has yet to obtain experimental data to back up this theory, but may do so in future research.
It's so big that when the water hits the bottom, the mist sprays back up and you get really wet.
The drained ponds fill back up when the monsoon rains arrive.
Nostrils slid back up the snout toward the crown of the head, becoming blowholes.
Groundwater can eventually seep back up to the surface.
It allows them to go from tree to tree without making the long trip down to the ground and back up again.
Then we'd come back up for air and get sucked under again.
The canyon opens back up in the western third and the desert environment again becomes dominant.
Bring a rope and tie it to a tree to make it easier to get back up.
Each ureter has a one-way valve where it enters the bladder, preventing urine from flowing back up the ureter.
And it can automatically back up all of your materials online.
Don't beat yourself up for the lapse, but get right back up onto that wagon.
Think back to what you knew before you knew any of what you now know, and then back up even further.
Many of those places might not have had the sort of capital required to start back up again after the flood.
It's a complicated topic and many times such sites quickly spring back up.
Screening lines back up because only two of six lanes are open.
The park features several rounded hills that give you a good workout as you slide down and walk back up to the top.
Airfares are starting to inch back up, signs indicate, even on the prices of tickets on sale.
Narrator went back up the steps, cautiously now, meaning to apologize for the door.
Do this for three days, then start everything back up again.
But he soon developed congestive heart failure, causing fluid to back up into his lungs.
There really is no way to send a real question back up to the top.
Economists could afford to do that for a long time because the plumbing didn't back up.
He rested for a time and then clicked off the light and went hand over hand back up the face of the bluff.
The sailor would descend to the bottom of the ship to the storeroom to get the beer, often sampling a bit on his way back up.
The further the central mystery unfolds, the more you may wish you could fold it back up again.
For one, shortly after the fence was knocked down, the crowd actually moved out of the way so that it could be put back up.
We could see this idea brought back up in the future meetings, however.
He didn't have no boat to come back with, and so he came back up the river on foot, all the way.
Now that the floodgates have opened back up, new users are rushing to the service every minute.
After the explosion cleared, the refugees picked him back up and kept going.
Without collateral to back up loans, credit dries up.
Will come back up when the right comments match the right parts of the speech.
Now it's back up to the operating theater, with the forms to give the surgeon.
In great armies the job of generals is to back up their sergeants.
The new material softens in the presence of a water-based solvent, and it stiffens back up as the solvent evaporates.
On the chairlift ride back up the mountain, the skier cools down.
Indeed, there were some artifacts in my data-places where the stress line mysteriously drops suddenly and slowly builds back up.
The reason nuclear power plants cost so much is all the back up safety systems, same with military equipment.
The partially cooked biofuel can be piped back up to the surface for further refinement.
It has no experiences to back up the currency of its words.
Wolf's book is overloaded with diagrams and tables to back up this argument.
The work is expected to back up traffic headed into the airport.
It's about getting knocked down, taking your hits, and getting back up.
We get an all day ticket on the little railroad and then coast down the mountain on a bob and take the train back up.
Now there is mathematical proof to back up your story.
When the tech bubble crashed, applications went right back up again.
We nabbed the top of the chimney and came back up with a chunk of sulfide in a box, she says.
There's also an enigmatic dive in which the seals sink slowly, then drift back up to the surface.
After the ultrasound treatment was finished, the blood-brain barrier closed back up.
In an instant she snapped out of her dissociative dream state and was sputtering back up to the air.
Once or twice he looks back up to see how far he has come, but the path behind has closed up, leaving no trace.
But let's back up a bit, and look at the admixture aspect again.
If its nose was pointing down, the agama could tilt it back up by swinging its tail upwards.
And shortly afterward it drew back up in top the clouds and started to rain fish.
Our yard is a lot more open, and it also back up to a wide open area.
It's slowly drifting back up to the point where it's breaking the surface again--and the bird lands on it and drives it back down.
As the bad economic news keeps coming, we're forced to turn to humor to pick ourselves back up.
The medicine gave me a bitter, bitter, bitter taste that would come back up in my throat hours later in school.
It'll bring back the moisture and bring it back up to temperature.

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