babysitting in a sentence

Example sentences for babysitting

Similar fears have been voiced about future babysitting robots.
They sit around, retired, consuming goods and services and produce nothing but the occasional turn at babysitting.
Or seniors offering options for drop-off babysitting.
For example, someone might trade babysitting for lawn care, or an old computer monitor for a box spring.
They have smarter appliances, combinations of washer and driers that did not need much babysitting.
Babysitting robots, once the province of speculative fiction, are on the market.
Soon the play dates had turned into a babysitting exchange and shared meals with their families.
They are the ones who have been tending our lawns and cleaning our homes and babysitting our children.
Trading equally and eternal babysitting are two different things.
Cribs and high chairs are available, and babysitting services can be arranged through the resort.
The hotel also provides babysitting services and stroller rentals.
The concierge helps parents make babysitting arrangements.
Babysitting services are available upon request or children may be enrolled in one of the resort's kids' camps.
Amenities include an outdoor pool with a swim-up bar, recreational activities, nightly entertainment and babysitting services.
Hotel staff helps parents arrange babysitting services.
The hotel also offers room service, babysitting service, handicapped-accessible facilities and parking.
The hotel features free self-parking, an outdoor pool and babysitting services.
Babysitting is free for the first four hours, and can be arranged with a day's notice.
Amenities at the hotel include a full-service spa, conference facilities, babysitting services and currency exchange.
Amenities include an outdoor heated pool, an on-site laundry facility, extensive business services and babysitting services.
Because coupled with their low cost they are a renewable form of babysitting.
She makes a few good points regarding the extended day really being about babysitting.
He's a guy you don't have to be over there babysitting, making sure he's preparing for the period.
The physical environment where the babysitting takes place must be safe.
Occupations such as babysitting are not subject to the minimum wage law.
Babysitting, handiwork and domestic employment in or about private homes.
Also check with your town hall to see if they have a town sponsored babysitting course.
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