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Automobile transportation companies can be hired in order to take care of getting your vehicle to your overseas destination.
News about automobile registration and license plates.
Furniture and automobile price increases were the biggest upward movers.
The government allocates to the automobile giants money under modernization of manufacture.
If you are trying to finance a new automobile with a five-year loan, you may find it more difficult to get one these days.
The comparison of the university to the automobile industry is a dog that doesn't quite have any teeth.
In many ways, the device resembles a combustion cylinder in a standard automobile engine, though without a piston.
We have more automobile plants than the north, and many other factories as many have moved south.
All the subsystems of every type of automobile had to be worked out.
Determining exactly what causes automobile accidents is far more difficult than it first appears, researchers say.
The financial-service and automobile industries are cases in point.
They feed at dawn and dusk, and tend to cross roads blindly, causing hundreds of automobile accidents.
Exploding the myth that premium gasoline delivers better performance in the average automobile.
There's something odd, almost presumptuous, about the notion of stepping directly from an automobile into the wilderness.
Your first step should be to reconsider your automobile dependency.
Calculate the fuel efficiency of your automobile by tracking your mileage and fuel usage.
The automobile is for transport, the stove is for cooking.
My own fuel-efficient automobile could barely make it without stalling.
Focuses on automobile and coffee production and consumption.
He was a prominent carriage and automobile manufacturer and besides had extensive traction interests.
There is demand from automobile and aerospace manufacturers to outsource engineering and design work.
Electricity really is the ideal form of propulsion for the automobile because it is clean and quiet.
But then, no doubt buggy whip manufacturers were unhappy when the automobile made them obsolete, too.
It will be safer than automobile racing, and not much more dangerous than football.
The consumer still has the option to forego operating an automobile and thus legally avoid the cost of auto insurance.
The troll squashes an ill-fated automobile in his left hand.
New technologies that revolutionized the automobile industry were explored.
The tax would vary by the type and weight of automobile.
Fusion power cells will last for decades, for longer than the life of the automobile.
But the two things are as different as an automobile and a one-horse shay.
Cadillac is the name of a hotel and of an automobile.
He devoted the fortune acquired by his invention of an automobile searchlight to the invention and construction of monoplanes.
Suddenly the committeemen and officers on top of the automobile began to discuss something with great heat and much gesticulation.
From their stalls, vendors sell everything from automobile piston rings to potato chips.
The number of light sources inside an automobile has grown tremendously in the past decade, and the trend isn't expected to slow.
Most parks offer discounts to camping and automobile club members.
Through its executive education arm, the school has unusually good links with industry, especially the automobile industry.
Congestion may have narrowed that freedom, but it remains part of the lure of the automobile.
The cost for a family of five, for example, would easily exceed the cost of driving an automobile.
After all, they invented the automobile, and are still impressively successful.
The space between the buildings and the street now had one function: automobile storage.
But now the cost of a converter is trivial in the cost of an automobile.
The biggest killer of tourists is automobile accidents.
In the past the neglect of commerce by planners and architects was compounded by an inability to cope with the automobile.
At the turn of the century each type of automobile had about a third of the market.
The work paved the way for technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells and automobile catalytic converters.
Drop off automobile batteries at car repair shops, auto supply or battery stores.
While the majority of recycled aluminum is made into new cans, an increasing amount of aluminum goes to automobile manufacturers.
Nuts and bolts, steel cylinders and canisters, valves carefully pried from a wrecked automobile.
And so, as in the automobile industry, farmers are going to need new hybrids.
OK, let's say you've produced your hydrogen gas, and now you want to use it to power an automobile or an industrial plant.
But this does not explain why automobile drivers do not see motorcyclists.
People have been living in those places and commuting into the city since the invention of the automobile.
Gesner's father, an engineer, was responsible for the automobile supercharger.
She had this map in her hands, which was a triptych map from the automobile club.
What you don't see is anything resembling an automobile.
The automobile and the radio had revolutionized the world.
They dwarf the number who die every year in automobile accidents.
It should have been sent to an automobile plant to have wheels put on it.
Several of them stood in the center of the street directing pedestrian and automobile traffic.
Hour on hour they milled around the entrance, dancing intricate steps to snatches of music that came from automobile radios.
Such local influence recalls the automobile business.
Who sat with me in the automobile in the dead of night and measured the content of my character without even looking at my face.
She could not say how common the automobile fabric that she had examined is, or how many models and brands use it.
The problems attending the purchase of gasoline, and doubts about its future availability, soon affected the automobile market.
There were plenty of people on the sidewalks but little or no automobile traffic on the roadway.
The automobile is the defining technological artifact of the twentieth century.
Most people don't think it's worth the trouble with regard to an automobile, but it will be worth the trouble for our bodies.
Automobile testing takes place in a laboratory, not on the road, so the results need not reflect real-world fuel economy.
We've got some key materials for fuel cell systems that might power a building, or in the long term, your automobile.
Information for automobile dealers about fuel economy.
Researchers have found that sufferers have six times more automobile accidents than the rest of the population.
Certainly an automobile is a brain-machine interface.
He wondered aloud if the chemistry could be tweaked to produce automobile fuel, but nobody gave the idea a high priority.
Nitrates from automobile exhaust and other fossil-fuel combustion add appreciably to this overload.
It's as though a mechanic reworks an automobile's fuel system to compensate for a faulty carburetor.
Yet the wheels on an automobile smaller than a grain of rice would generate too little friction to move the car.

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