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One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks.
There was autocracy in political life, and it was superseded by democracy.
Otherwise, institutions tend over time to atrophy and give way to autocracy.
They are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy.
But the troubled new nation soon fell into chaos and autocracy.
They see that autocracy, incompetence and corruption need not be a way of life.
Decades of one-party autocracy have stunted its politics.
In the primary phase of the development, autocracy works better.
That's neither diplomacy or democracy, simply autocracy.
It is a heady, exciting feeling after an era of autocracy.
So pirates were familiar with the perils of autocracy.
Amid growing wealth and corruption, discontent is rising and the country's autocracy has hardened.
Autocracy, corruption and strife will not disappear overnight.
Autocracy and authoritarianism are the grim consequences of political excesses fed by unscrupulous and harsh tyrants.
Now across much of the world the state is trumping the market and autocracy is triumphing over democracy.
However, it's definitely time to turn the page of autocracy and deadened liberties.
While many of these failed and led to a strongman-type autocracy, others succeeded.
It's not more efficient or ever necessarily more fair than autocracy.
Egyptians have tasted freedom and are now shrugging off autocracy and seizing their chance for democracy.
But make no mistake: its system does not legitimize autocracy or command economics, either.

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