assent in a sentence

Example sentences for assent

He put off marrying till his manager gave his assent.
Your silence is being read as not only permission but assent.
Thompson nods her assent.
Maggie felt it was time to speak; it would only be unkind now to assent by silence.
There is no climate of dissent nor, for that matter, assent.
He times the assent of the balloon until it disappears into the cloud and uses the time to determine the height of the cloud.
That follows his assent recently to the suggestion that Iraq was "pretty much a disaster" .
By opening this show without his assent, the museum has broken faith with the artist, the public and art itself.
The French government gave cheerful assent to the creation of a national champion.
Despite his assent, however, it is not clear that both chambers have the votes to pass the amendment.
The reader is invited to assent and admire; not to challenge.

Famous quotes containing the word assent

I trust the time is nigh when, with the universal assent of civilized people, all international differences... more
You can get assent to almost any proposition so long as you are not going to do anything about it.... more
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