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Example sentences for animus

In that sense they have switched positions, but the animus between them remains.
Or maybe there's another source of the animus against me.
So it does not seem fanciful-second moral-that some of the animus against him stems from a sort of snobbery.
Among other qualities the novel revealed a sharp-tongued wit, with plenty of animus directed at society's received ideas.
Another interesting strain of argument has emerged for animus toward the rich.
Under all political language the substance is raw prejudice or animus.
From the south the living soul, the animus of good and bad, haughtily admitting no demonstration but its own.
Even if you are extremely careful and collegial, problems can fester, and in some cases nothing you can do will ease the animus.
What begins with affection or fascination turns into animus.
It seemed clear that any animus between them at the time of their divorce had ceased.
When a revocation is pre-determined due to personal animus, the mission becomes a sham.

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It was easy to recognize in him the anti-social animus of a born evangelist, but there was also something e... more
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