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Example sentences for altitude

Once on the mountain, the young man's journal became little more than a catalog of his struggle with the altitude.
Biodiesel can gel at cooler temperatures, such as those experienced on a winter's day or at high altitude.
Polar flights often have to change altitudes or routes to avoid very cold air which could freeze their fuel.
This small, mountainous, landlocked country has a wide variety of climatic conditions because of its great range of altitude.
Other chapters focus on ailments related to altitude or excessive heat or cold.
The wide range in altitudes in this ecoregion results in two major forest zones.
We are soon soaring at an altitude of 800 feet, skimming over farmland and suburbia at 80 mph.
In fact, this plane set a new unofficial record for the highest altitude ever achieved by a propeller aircraft.
Pick a high altitude location that has you looking away from the city.
The high-altitude conditions were not conducive to sustenance farming, but they were ideal for growing flax.

Famous quotes containing the word altitude

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