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Example sentences for acknowledgment

It was a rare acknowledgment by the administration that the path it had chosen was failing and that another was needed.
As for the money question, this was simply an acknowledgment of my humanity: the writer has a body, which includes a stomach.
It is also an acknowledgment of the void he leaves behind.
It shows no acknowledgment of the better choices made by some people.
Ben should receive the posthumous credit he deserves with an acknowledgment.
Unlike in the past, however, corporations now ask more from us than simple acknowledgment of support.
We think plants that consistently put on exemplary performances should receive their own public acknowledgment.
They do things over and over without any acknowledgment that there is a legitimate government in place.
The acknowledgment of the receipt of their packages is all the department can do the first day of their receipt.
We need sensible transfer standards to ensure acknowledgment of students' completed course work.
The computer responds with an acknowledgment and waits for a confirmation message.
Read the acknowledgment sections of the books you admire.
The sums offered, though not large, were an acknowledgment of the wrong that had been done.
When plant pots dried up, the drip irrigation kicked in, and the houseplants emailed you an acknowledgment.
Acknowledgment is also required when material from any source is paraphrased or summarized in whole or in part in one's own words.
Now the queen's state visit marks a formal acknowledgment of a detoxified relationship that has started to flourish.
Here there's nary an acknowledgment that fellow diners even exist.
The decision underscores the court's acknowledgment that age matters.
Reuters and other sources without attribution or acknowledgment.
Chileans now ask for official acknowledgment and condemnation of these crimes.
The acknowledgment was included in court papers unsealed here today.
The new chapter is a breakthrough in his career, an acknowledgment of the commercial appeal of his name.
If the sender doesn't see an acknowledgment, it tries to send the same packet again a little later.
Think of it less as a capitulation, than as an acknowledgment of market realities.
If he cannot do this, then a frank acknowledgment on his part is due to himself and to the people.
The time taken for this round-trip of request and acknowledgment determines the network's latency.
But more likely they intended the medal as a public acknowledgment that they would have to find some way to live with him.
Belated acknowledgment only accentuated the bunkum that preceded it.
It is remarkable that the medical literature completely lacks acknowledgment of this condition.
Riders must also sign a medical release form and an acknowledgment of risk form.
The best thing about his apology is his acknowledgment that he brought it on himself.
The lack of acknowledgment that shaming efforts makes the problem worse and not better.
In that sense, all this seeming hubris might also be read as a form of humility: an acknowledgment that no band can do it alone.
Information about the notary public acknowledgment form.
The acknowledgment messages will give the sender the status of each report in the transmission.

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