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The same back-end billing and accounting software can be exploited to handle all of these accounts.
Experience in teaching at all levels of auditing and financial accounting.
Project-based accounting provides the ability to track financial performance at the project-level.
In the next step, the possible malfunction accounting for the optical phenomena is noted.
The political lynching of truth-telling in accounting is gathering steam.
As a condition of the grant, you are required to provide an accounting of moneys spent.
Furthermore, some of the tests of the cats' behavior may not have given an accurate accounting of the cats' personality.
Though there's no accounting for the former, those codes may soon be gone.
However, any measure based on book value has to get over the fact that accounting measures are not carved in stone.
Aspiring doctors are not normally taught microeconomics, cost accounting or risk management.
Another tricky hurdle is accounting for variable traction and terrain.
And this law is not the simple accounting solution of debit and credit.
The accounting for efficiency is different for electric and combustion-engine propulsion.
She has also held various tax, audit and litigation support positions at a private company and a leading accounting firm.
In accounting for himself, he told only of private hardships, and of how he had pedalled away from them as fast as he could.
IT increase productivity of all workers, accounting and management.
Most intellectual tasks such as accounting can be handled by computers.
Age-old questions defy a full accounting, and new discoveries introduce new questions.
He's pointed out how sterile a theory it is in accounting for the history of evolution.
The firm's sloppy material accounting could have masked the removal of the bomb-grade uranium.
If you were really enjoying the cruise, truly relaxing, perhaps you weren't accounting for every charge during the cruise.
One pathway is known as the ventral route, and it's direct and efficient, accounting for the vast majority of our reading.
Good accounting should reduce such dead-weight losses.
Accounting should always have the goals of transparency and reducing market risk, not enhancing it.
There will be plenty of opportunities for college graduates in education, accounting, and corporate sales.
Something deeper is happening: it's the rise of a shadow job market without benefits or proper accounting.
The firm's accounting, which for a time excluded marketing costs, has been likened to a fairy tale.
Light is independently related to each atom accounting for universal light speed.
Emissions from individuals living below the line do not factor into the accounting.
Case in point, in accounting, the terms cost and expense mean different things.
In some accounting and finance subfields, the dissertation research is largely computational, not fieldwork.
If one works it out, one can see exactly how much money is created out of accounting fiction by the concept of banking.
It shows the number of bodies in the room with no accounting for quality of instruction or the quality of learning.
If you start shopping early, keep a careful accounting of what you've spent and what you bought.
Legal-service and accounting firms in particular have boosted their margins.
They face charges of market manipulation and accounting fraud.
The menu of options seems to have been tailored to suit the accounting regimes of various creditors.
Over the years, he has been tried more than a dozen times for fraud, false accounting or bribery.
And smelting it uses vast amounts of energy, accounting for one-third of the costs in an average plant.
She says the rest is a result of improper or bad accounting methods.
These are people's homes, and they have a right to an accounting.
Law and accounting students are more likely to review with commercial review companies.
Now, distressed sales are accounting for a larger share of the market, dragging down prices.
But the family has not demanded a public accounting until now.
To replenish its coffers and keep depositors from worrying, it's pulling an old-fashioned accounting trick.
They do many different kinds of accounting for people outside the company.

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