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The department nearly doubled its estimate in the new projection from the one it issued a year ago.
Great technological changes are risk for this kind of projection.
Digital projection and digital filming are not the same thing.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
HD projection tech is moving so fast that the cinemas are sitting things out.
Theater chains are replacing film projection equipment with digital versions because new technology provides a clearer picture.
Not an indictment of you, at all, or a projection of things onto you.
Use an indirect projection technique, or a specially designed filter, such as those employed to watch solar eclipses.
The logic behind that projection is easy enough to understand.
One projection shows the current overgrown, decayed state of the resort, and the other shows vintage images of the hotel.
Ordinary gadgets could soon light up every surface, as developers tweak tiny lasers in pursuit of pocket-size projection systems.
The bank's central projection for inflation shows it rising a bit further next year.
Even that projection seems to have been too optimistic.
Its central feature was a huge projection screen that stretched across the back of the stage.
We do have a natural set point, but it may be higher than our ideal mental self projection of our weight.
Projection is largely a function of the shadow side in the subconscious mind.
It is implicit in the primary synchronous projection of atomic matter everywhere at once.
The only alternative is a discontinuous universe where space and time derive from the synchronous projection of atomic matter.
Deniers amplify the uncertainty to turn a reasonable projection into a wild guess.
These are the first ever action figures to use impulse projection technology.
The lightning bolt wings signify the cyberspace domain while the globe signifies the projection of cyber power world-wide.
Surface uses under-the-table projection to produce the tabletop image.
The melting of an ice shelf, which is merely a floating projection into the sea, would not affect sea levels.
Unfortunately, the current state of projection technology is a bit woeful.
As always, the fighting was the projection of rows between the two begums.
First he played the audio file for the audience and displayed its spectrogram on a projection screen.
It is nothing more than a projection of their fears and sickly wishes.
And almost as misunderstood, a projection of others' fantasies.
Since no projection can claim to be absolutely right at this juncture, one needs to stay calm and be objective.
Should these basic traits change, then so will thy projection of the future.
As it turned out, the problem wasn't over-projection of the audience but vast under-projection.
Often in a dream of anxiety one is holding on firmly to some projection from a house.
Obviously, a big hotel full of rooms and corridors is a natural for multiple-screen projection.
Digital projection requires no such mastery: the projectionist simply double-clicks a file name on a computer.
Suggestions already include a shadow-projection box, a popcorn stand and a teahouse.
Which means theaters have to switch to digital projection systems, an overhaul they have long resisted.
The mask could be put on any robot, and the projection system can work even in a brightly lit room.
The more rigid the the fiber, the more he could do with thinning the top for volume, and shaping it for projection and tone.
As many of you note, this is a projection and a hypothetical, and only time will tell if it proves accurate.
Saying that a model is both incalculable and insufficient as a means of forward projection is an evaluation of usable results.
It was shown on projection screens around the venue.
That's a pretty high price projection, particular for a scenario where you're expecting a huge boost in natural gas supplies.
Put simply, jealousy is sometimes merely the response to the projection of our own prurient feelings onto the beloved.
Because sports are about symbolism and wish projection.
The highest level, though, is projection-the ability to predict which aircraft are coming in and when.
At this point, the play becomes a sort of allegory of psychological projection.
But such music was more the projection of a dissident career than the enactment of one.
The result is sublime, as close as possible to watching the film's first projection.
Each small spike was a spout: a hole surrounded by a sharp woody projection.
Mystics of nearly every faith, including all five of the world's major religions, have long told tales of astral projection.
Time is not so much a projection out from the present event, as it is a coming together of factors to define what is present.
Projection of cultural or military power declines in proportion to distance.
By the time you get to the bottom layers, you might have a projection that is off the chart.
Its structure is completely independent of our projection of design concepts of modern silicon-based computer hardware onto it.
Not many, the dichotomy is a projection of western scholarship onto other cultures.
Your projection that his age knew and didn't acknowledge the genius is equally valid for any other candidate you care to mention.
The projection on the map showed that it was probably going to fly over us soon.
The current projection is that the money needed isn't even half spent yet.
Or he could have explained why my overall cost projection is excessive.
Our clock selection also includes tide clocks and historic collectibles, as well as digital projection clocks.
The better copies are shot illicitly with cameras placed on tripods in the projection booth.
The whole process would be more energy efficient than an old-school projection method.
The projection approach doesn't cut it for me from a practical stand point.
There is more build happening than the projection as well.
Let us illustrate our remarks by means of an instrument of projection in three dimensions which one used formerly.
World leaders are often obliged to walk a thin line between national interest and the projection of a state's moral values.
And that's hardly going to be perceived as a humble projection of strength in a way that promotes freedom.
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