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Example sentences for Lord

Much depends on how the new breed of lord is elected.
During opposition, the lord of the rings rises in the east at sunset and sets in the west at sunrise.
The word of the lord is in our heart and is our soul.
Lord knows what travelers in then olden-days found to fill their huge trunks.
Wildfire-an ancient lord of the wilderness-can create life as well as destroy it.
As upsetting as it may be to humans, wildfire is an ancient lord of the wilderness.
And while you're at it why not look for the true lord of the rings and a couple of constellations too.
Lord knows they aren't traveling with me for the money.
Hear my prayer, o lord, and let my cry come unto thee.
Ruddy ducks and cinnamon teal buzz by, while great blue herons lord over them all from the shallows.
The good lord tells them everything they need to know which they promptly ignore when it is inconvenient.
Lord knows, everyone from your grandma to your dental hygienist are going to be talking about it.
Good lord, there is so much misinformation in the comments it is truly astounding.

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