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It is more real than fiction, but more genuine than mere fact, too.
Toxic placebo effects can be as real as those produced by any genuine drug.
It was, at one and the same time, a genuine revolution and an authentic counterrevolution.
Get real people, these aren't as genuine as you think.
Leaving aside the politics, the disagreement hinged on a genuine dilemma.
It's a colorfully beaded, carved tourists' facsimile of a genuine tribal club.
The Church, which in 1909 had recognized the relics as likely genuine, accepted the 2007 study's findings.
Ocean acidification is a well studied phenomena and of genuine concern.
For purists, however, Naples is still the one and only home of the genuine article.
Hospitality is genuine all the way up the valley.
Every now and then a genuine paradigm shift does occur.
When they are done well, they respect both the subject and the audience, and promote genuine understanding of tough issues.
You have shown your genuine interest in balance, fun, and fairness.
The first-person narration is convincing and genuine, and Jones handles her material with sensitivity and sympathy.
And it confirmed once again the hunger in our country for genuine ways of connecting with other people over good, home-grown food.
There have been genuine cures for cancer for the last one hundred years.
Another possibility is that, if genuine, this carving is of a chameleon.
The people are genuine with a southern welcome wagon flair of acceptance.
And for grown-ups reading to children, the benefits are similarly ineffable yet genuine.
By sending a free text with that code, they can find out instantly if the package is genuine or a fake.
His behaviour was marked by an oddly prankish streak and outbursts of genuine jollity.
Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value.
Despite its weirdness, her movement enjoyed genuine support in the region.
Now, however, there are the first stirrings of genuine change.
And concerns about poor access to health care, creaky infrastructure, and a strained education pipeline are genuine.
For a long time the amount of capital required to withstand a genuine meltdown has been a near-complete unknown.
Even when effects are genuine, their true magnitude is often smaller than originally claimed.
Deeper investigation required to identify the genuine agents of change in improving mortality rates.
They may have genuine differences from other people or systems which it is not in their interests to resolve.
And other than a subtle white lie here and there, he is completely genuine to them.
Inventive and genuine instruction comes from solid standards.
But string theory gets funding, when genuine evidence of the paranormal is utterly ignored.
We also do not see many genuine midlife crises because middle-aged adults simply do not have time for a crisis.
And their communication was less successful than pairs that interacted with genuine gestures.
And, curiously enough, the age-old homophobic fears of parents seem to have some genuine predictive currency.
Nuanced discussion and genuine scientific exploration are drowned out by this political war.
Genuine scientists are supposed to question their hypotheses.
The key to genuine shared governance is broad and unending communication.
Sometimes they do this with genuine insight and expertise.
Being genuine means talking about disabilities openly and without judgment.
In short, there are equal pay and equal work and a genuine community of interests within the faculty unions.
Well it's about time for some genuine attempt to restore consumer rights in regards to some of these loans.
There are neither knowledge-based nor ethical professional standards, as is the case for genuine professions.
Because it poses a genuine threat to their market dominance if it succeeds.
Drawing upon their fundamental good nature and genuine pride in themselves as representatives of a group made a difference.
However, there's nothing wrong with respect sincerely rendered if it's based on a genuine understanding of someone's work.
Above all else, be genuine in your approaches, and try to always follow through.
Meetings, then, must present genuine issues and provide ample time for discussion.
The presidential words of welcome are brief but genuine, with an opportunity for questions from the audience.
There were also plenty of observers prepared to accept the automaton at face value as a genuine thinking machine.
The payoff for genuine progress was somehow too abstract, too delayed, to feed back into the system in a useful way.
One tunnel held four fake tomato plants, the other four genuine plants.
Meyers doesn't question whether the box is genuine and dates back to the first century.
That's because we're playing every night with genuine, heartfelt emotions and truly honoring these songs.
Then these photos are obviously manipulated to such an extent they look completely artificial and not a genuine image of nature.
Your genuine action will explain itself and will explain your other genuine actions.
He was endowed with a double gift-the gifts of painting and poetry, each of them genuine.
When you buy genuine articles, and you must lose, lose as little as possible.
Modern editions contain poems which are demonstrably not his, while there are genuine poems still unpublished.
His genuine life has received several interpolations from popular reports of no authority.
But only there is it true and genuine where there is true and genuine faith.
Persons under the shock of genuine affliction are not only upset mentally but are all unbalanced physically.
There is a lot of colorless and vicious imitation, but there is enough that is genuine.
But friendship by its nature admits of no feigning, no pretence: as far as it goes it is both genuine and spontaneous.
We are currently in that phase with regard to innovation, which is only now becoming a genuine field.
And that kind of customer relationship was something that was genuine and also endeared our family to people.
Two simple measures could go a long way toward ensuring that findings of criminal guilt are genuine.
From the presentation yesterday, it appears to be a genuine stab at artificial intelligence in a mobile device.
Those embracing this mind-set no longer considered genuine, lasting peace to be plausible.
Oversaturation of neighborhoods with social services is a genuine problem for those neighborhoods.
Milch always seems to deliver on that promise and the language of the track is genuine and well delivered.
Whether a genuine functioning community actually exists behind the checkpoints is another matter.
Her books have spread the gospel of genuine southern cuisine and inspired a generation of home cooks.
There are some purely local wines, however, which are a genuine adventure.
The result has been a genuine revolution in economic productivity.
Authority must be genuine and uphold firmness in its process execution.
Try to see all comments as coming from the point of view of attempting to arrive at a genuine solution.
It's not the biggest reason for the shortfall, but it is a genuine reason.
Our elected officials may, for political reasons or from genuine conviction, choose to regulate a technology.
The belief and expectation that a treatment will heal produces in many patients genuine feelings of relief.
Companies should protect genuine innovation, of course.
The show is smart enough to test the waters of outrage but not brazen enough to take a genuine plunge.
Slowly, one building at a time, he has managed to create a genuine urban transformation through architecture.
His answers were obviously based on genuine knowledge.
Many premières feel slack and dutiful, but this one had the fizz of a genuine event.
They had genuine literary aspirations, and they wanted to be taken seriously.
Still, it is a genuine occasion, offering much to think about for believer and doubter alike.
Writer tells about his kind stepmother and her family, who treated him as a genuine relation.
If the demonstrators' encampments present a genuine fire threat or health threat, they must be cleaned up.
She wondered if this was a nervous breakdown, the genuine article.
But such an outcome wouldn't change the fact that developing countries are now producing genuine global contenders.
And part is the idea that fecundity breeds familiarity-a genuine point of connection with voters.
He shows that the colors enter the mind as genuine sensations.
They have created and led teams of technologists responsible for a golden decade of genuine innovation.
In fact, virtually conclusive evidence shows that they were not genuine.
As in politics, so in science, a genuine revolution is not an event but a process.
It was much the better part of valor to rest their case on safety and they have my genuine sympathy.
There wasn't a shortage of freaks, but neither were there any genuine creeps.
What saves him from self-absorption, aside from a natural curiosity, is a genuine lack of interest in personal reflection.
Neither in exile nor in the country itself is there anybody who even faintly resembles a genuine opposition leader.
Which is not to say that there wasn't a genuine emotional bond between the two.
Nobody, for the first few days, could believe these pictures to be genuine.
He liked the fact that the shopping experience provides its customers with a genuine sense of relief and satisfaction.
In private, she has a wry humor and outbursts of genuine laughter.
People thought him the more genuine of the two, but he struck some as arrogant, snooty.
These thoughts may seem outlandishly macabre-a strained joke-but they are genuine.
Even this genuine cosmic phenomenon, however, may be a bit less than it appears.
We will always and should always respond to those in genuine need.
We're a little famous now, but we're still the same genuine kids.
He frets, as usual, and this year some of the concern is genuine.
There's the thrill of contributing to genuine scientific research, but that motivates less than half of the community.
But genuine cases do exist, and throughout the history of medicine, physicians have recorded cases of spontaneous remission.
Hyped on the genuine espresso and cappuccino being served, they stared as though they might never tire of looking at it.
It won't be a genuine one from the past, but it could be a reasonable simulation.
But as before, they slowed down when they had made a genuine mistake, even for trials where they had been apparently fooled.
Heritability has been demonstrated in all other genuine anatomical traits studied so far.
These are genuine memories from a patient who regained awareness during an operation.
The consequences for genuine communication between a new species is enormous.
Apparently these whales exist within the context of a genuine culture--or more appropriately, cultures.
If you're not really that smart, but can fake it, go work for a company that makes something or produces a genuine service.
But the big questions are whether this effect is genuine of nothing more than a placebo.
Another point: public speaking works only when you are genuine.
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