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In any case, the work would be out of its creator's hands for good.
What really mattered, they argued, was what each work of art expressed about its creator's inner state.
The writer of this blog isn't the creator of said exhibit.
Only a half-wit creator trying to escape hunger, poverty and illness would resort to such idiotic demands.
As opposed to the solar-powered mole creator, aka skin.
The domain in which the creator exists and the created universe.
No creator involved, except the creator of the laws of physics.
It is therefore not only a poetical license, but also philosophically correct, when beauty is named our second creator.
The spirit of the world, the great calm presence of the creator, comes not forth to the sorceries of opium or of wine.
Reindeer website's popularity a surprise to creator.
Instead, the reforms have blown up in their creator's face.
The author understands the choreographic process, too, as a two-way traffic between dancer and creator.
It is the myth of a supreme creator who is removed from the world and can only be reached through the medium of spirits.
So surely the knowledge worker, the creator of that information, also needs the same freedom.
It's linked with you, and you're forever invited to pontificate, especially if you're a smooth creator of sound bites.
The impulse to share scholarly research more freely is an admirable impulse for any creator who wants to do so.
The risk is that they suppress the essential autonomy of the creator in trying to do so.
The leaf is s perfect example of the creator's handy work.
Such systems are inherently limited by the imagination of the creator and the functionality of the libraries.
My impression of this whole affair is that the joke will ultimately be on the bot's creator.
But once the movies talked, the director as creator became secondary to the writer.
It was a climate that owed much, if not quite everything, to the personality of its creator.
Above all, the wonderful abilities of living things seemed to point to a creator who had a special interest in life.
But that is not quite the same as thinking of the secret agent as the creator of extravagantly imagined worlds.
It's a striking moment in part because the character convicts himself on a charge that could never be leveled against his creator.
We see them as the creator of maya himself, that great ironic illusionist, would see us.
Given that these songs are inseparable from their creator, the singers do what they can to stay afloat.
Seven or eight years ago, the future of the content creator looked bright.
As he shoots them, he has the sensations of a creator.
Each character is built precisely, according to its creator's specifications.
It is as a talent scout, packager, and creator of deals that he has met with true success.
Pee-wee is a character so vivid in the popular imagination that he has superseded his creator.
Many suspected subliminal intent, which the ad's creator denied.
Encourage students to speculate about each source, its creator, and its context.

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