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Mooring buoys have been placed at the wreck site to protect it from anchor damage.
We felt compelled to follow up in each of those instances, and it turned out to be every bit as eye-opening as a train wreck.
Genetically modified crops will neither feed the world nor wreck the planet.
We stand admiring it as it is now, a beautiful wreck beneath an ivy veil.
If you do, you will be a total wreck every time the market goes down.
The wreck site is said to be unusual, because it's in shallow water near the coast.
High winds can wreck the flowers and increase transpiration from the leaves, making frequent watering necessary.
My friend is becoming a wreck after putting so much effort.
But that may not be all that's valuable about the wreck.
And by many accounts, if you're in a wreck and you don't have insurance, you simply don't get billed.
He is writing about the wreck of everyone's history and everyone's loss.
There is no scientific evidence to the contrary, especially not this train wreck.
Sure, they might wreck the local economy, but they've done that before.
Events have, if anything, conspired to wreck the plan.
As another commenter alluded, this is a train wreck on its way.
Decrease in pressure could wreck the case's flexible-plastic portion.
Failure to complete any one of them can wreck an innovation's chances.
They can devastate crops, food stores, and wreck havoc on buildings.
People around the world wreck coastal habitats through aquaculture, agriculture, timber extraction and real estate development.
The contracts were so large that a single cancellation could wreck a small company.
In less capable hands, the competing elements might have caused a train wreck.
After a car wreck first the bodies are counted then blame is apportioned.
The dimensions are so great that space debris will wreck it in no time flat.
The real risk may not be that the profit motive will wreck the public services, but that compromises will neuter the reforms.
And overconfident criminals have been shown to wreck their criminal masterwork through an excess of self-congratulations.
He's part of an unusual band of enthusiasts known as wreck chasers, although he doesn't care much for the term.
The nickname stuck, and over the years missionary pilots and others used the wreck as a navigational reference point.
It is difficult to piece together the key elements of the bureaucratic train wreck that led to this unfair decision.
You'll wreck your chances of an academic career if you leave, the infamous department chairman warned.
And that last sentence is a real grammar train-wreck.
Since the wreck didn't happen on takeoff or landing, this made the wreck suspicious.
Often the show, which tries to accommodate the various genres and age groups that make up pop music, is a horrendous train wreck.
Neutrino's new raft was a scrappy, broken-down wreck of a doghouse on a bed of plywood.
They were able to forget the wreck of their houses and the loss of time-bound possessions there.
When he was a few weeks old, his parents died in a train wreck, and he was raised by his maternal grandparents.
She was no train wreck-nothing of the sort-but she stood still, and oddly so, occasionally sipping water and swaying little.
But if you wreck the entire firm, it doesn't cost you anything.
Celebrity rehab is something akin to a gruesome roadside wreck.
He had the good tires from the wreck brought over and mounted.
Let them wreck the economy: then, maybe, people will see what they are dealing with.
When not carefully managed on shore leave, they will rapidly wreck whole towns.
The sympathetic tones in his voice wreck her self-control, and she begins to weep.
It was found in the wreck by divers, and probably came too late, since none of the survivors mentioned its use.
They cause reproductive problems, wreck the immune system, and interfere with hormonal production.
The wreck's salvagers say such decline makes it urgent to collect artifacts before they disappear.
Because there is little oxygen at this depth, the wreck had barely deteriorated.
One is a set of red lights, which provide illumination but won't wreck your night vision.
These deformed proteins gather in large clumps that wreck brain tissue.
They can wreck neurons, preventing them from firing normally and eventually killing them.
If the bullet cluster is proof for dark matter, the train wreck cluster is disproof.
All it takes to wreck that system is a large amount of the item released, and suddenly the rarity is gone along with the value.
Our solar system however might eventually be flung out of, or deep into the on-going galactic train wreck.
The protagonist's view of the wreck is partially obstructed, and so he does not identify the inert body on the road.
Any observer of ag markets could have seen that was a wreck coming.
If the wreck is terminal-and after a five-year stalemate, that seems likely-everyone will be the poorer, perhaps gravely so.
But governments both then and now have had political reasons to keep hunting for the wreck.
Ringing, ringing, to warn the ship from its wreck-place.
In a second there would have been the deuce of a wreck.
Then, if the gods would wreck us on the sea for the deed, let them do it.
Where he broke down was at a point where he always suffered wreck and where nine adventurers out of ten make their errors.
Shifting focus a lot at work could wreck your diet.
Resting in four to six feet of water, this wreck is something of a mystery.
If you've been in a wreck, you know the emotional and financial horror that accompany the pain and shock.
If you get to know the local fishermen, they may tell you about potential wreck sites.
Watch a train wreck long enough and you will want to turn away.
The bad news is, burning it all would wreck the planet.
The drive up to her brother's place scared her, because she had an irrational fear of losing the tapes in a car wreck.
The truth was that everyone had come to see the train wreck.
The team will also survey the area seaward of the wreck for additional maritime heritage resources.
After a wreck is detected, divers go down to explore and map the site.
When diving shipwrecks, always know the orientation of the wreck site and only enter the wreck if specifically trained to do so.
His remarkable train-wreck foreign policy tour continues.

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