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Example sentences for wow

Whatever their provenance, the bracelets are enough to wow even seasoned researchers.
Wow your friends with a chemically goosed false egg.
It's about the wow factor, and these cars sure have it.
Wow that's a great innovative idea you have given to attract the bees.
Wow, my dictionary for all these names and terms is spinning my head.
Wow, some rather vitriolic commentary in the comments.
Wow, the divergence of opinion is really intriguing.
Frying sage leaves is easy and provides a real wow factor.
Wow you really are living in some sort of other world.
Wow, yes, people need to be careful because you don't always get what you ask for.
Wow, that would have been an interesting angle for the article to take.
Wow, this will make new reactors even more expensive.
Wow, it's so cool when people actually go out and get facts before spouting off reactionary nonsense.
Wow next someone will come up with the revolutionary idea that their bodies change over time too.
Wow, believe or not but not everything is about money and profit.
Wow, where is this place where there are many more jobs than applicants.
Wow, not one thing in your rant was relevant to the article.
Wow, some antiscience claims are so weird it's a wonder anyone can take them seriously.

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And wow he died as wow he lived, going whop to the office and blooie home to sleep and biff go... more
his bow-wow way... more
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