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But fundamentally worthy policies shouldn't need to promise laughably overoptimistic outcomes to win support.
Completing a marathon is a worthy item for the bucket list.
Evolutionary psychology is a worthy study, it is simply another field of study.
They have already begun to prove themselves worthy as the next resourceful and innovative successors.
During the holidays, with so many gatherings waiting to happen, weeknight meals sometimes need to be worthy of company.
He's been stuck in that blue-and-gold get-up for too long now, and deserves a costume worthy of a magical master.
Liberation from indentured servitude is an entirely worthy objective.
The aim is a worthy one, and the only thing wrong with the plans is that they do not go nearly far enough.
Happily, the resulting music is worthy of this star-is-born tale.
Also worthy of exploration is the formation of sacred values.
Serve it with a fresh herb vinaigrette and you've got something worthy of angels.
In my view, neither approach is worthy of your attention or money yet, but it is an interesting push into new territory.
But to be worthy of consideration as a graduate-advising horror story, some sort of extreme behavior must be involved.
Another danger is that a worthy experiment with risk-based border controls will perish.
That's another situation worthy of comment: the hiding of information behind firewalls.
The cookies also sound tasty and worthy of replication.
Those tiny stickers on loose fruits and vegetables at the market have a worthy purpose.
Intangible cultural context is the essence of heritage, making wood and stone worthy of our interest.
In fact, you should maintain metrics and prove with verifiable data that you are worthy to be an authority on any point made.
It seems patently absurd that this is a topic that's worthy of discussion.
Some have this idea that a weapon gives them power or makes them more brave or worthy.
Apricot jam and almond paste makes this basic butter cake worthy of its pedestal.
The question of whether online learning is worthy of college credit has been implicitly settled.
Its plans to modernise the state are worthy but dull.
We think, however, it still offers a benchmark worthy of consideration.
Five other gardens on the grounds are equally worthy of a visit.
Worthy programs and proposals have to be rejected for one reason or another.
Clearly there may be cases where a better digital mousetrap is worthy of a patent.
Now the natives are being told that, for sundry worthy reasons, they must accept even more.
These drones are technologically amazing and worthy of admiration.
Heller is a worthy subject, complicated and appealing.
Any of these notable achievements were certainly worthy but didn't make the final cut.
Indeed you found a worthy cause to fought for, democracy and freedom as well as environment.
He treated the functions of whatever job he held as worthy of all the resources at the government's disposal.
True, there is something mean-spirited about profiting from a neighbour's misfortune, but that's not worthy of outrage.
Submit your business and let the community decide on if it's worthy to win a small business prize package.
They told me that, if they felt you were worthy of admission, they would find the financial aid.
It was the job of every pirate captain to determine what ships were worthy of pursuit.
But that might not be enough to make it a worthy investment for people planning on using it for more than watching movies.
What did they say or do that was worthy of a lawsuit.
Untouchables are outcasts-people considered too impure, too polluted, to rank as worthy beings.
When he found a worthy self-portrait, he sent a message inquiring about why the user took the photo.
Everyone has a role in the world, and who is to say which role is more worthy or admirable than any other.
In this age and economy all of these are worthy of discussion.
Two new books stake out worthy claims for space on the sinophile's bookshelf.
It's a natural occurrence and not worthy of coverage.
There is a historical parallel to this synergy between two worthy aims.
It established that jazz could be worthy of the concert hall.
So far, it has seen nothing worthy of mention-but it has been running at both sites for less than a year.
No information about the pilot, contacts with the tower, or any other information worthy of bothering with an article.
All worthy people, but this story is not about them.
These are all worthy activities, each enriching your life and likely the lives of others.
It seems foolhardy to expect, or even want, all faculty to jump through the exact same hoops in order to prove themselves worthy.
Now for my flame-worthy comment--Sometimes folks, it isn't about culture.
Another point worthy of note is the emphasis placed on equality and equity.
Then you'd soon get degrees offered only in the skills which corporations deem worthy of their investment.
Some may think of it as less worthy than an on-campus program, and that's their opinion.
If you stick with it, you have proven your commitment and are worthy for full-time work with average pay.
The two last-named are worthy of all the contempt one can muster.
The one that came in the mail today is my first that is post-worthy.
The cleanest expression is that which finds no sphere worthy of itself and makes one.
Now, he must prove himself worthy of the charge laid upon him as a leading teacher, and speak.
Half is thine and half is his: it will be worthy of the two.
In embracing them, the show doesn't hesitate to slight comely form in favor of worthy function.
The study of psychology of the human is a worthy and sometimes scientific endeavor.
He asked why, as it appeared to be a worthy line of research.
There's a lot of worthy biographical information in this paper.
It went back and forth for weeks, soliciting a response from the authors and apparently being considered worthy of publication.
But it is certainly intriguing and worthy of informed discussion.
But here are five animals worthy of acting nominations this year.
Each of them has convinced me that none of the others is worthy of the office of the president.
Anything the human imagination can conceive of is story-worthy, regardless.
Across the rich world tonight a small army of worthy householders will pick through their rubbish to ready it for the recyclers.
Abolishing fuel subsidies would seem sensible and worthy of public support.
Worthy and important, of course, but a sideshow to another of the events that is taking place this month.
The author singles out income inequality as a psychic wound uniquely worthy of state intervention.
Yet even if this was a chronicle of a debt foretold, it is worthy of note.
But there are also other, less worthy, explanations for financial sector compensation.
Any show that can inspire this much debate within a single newspaper is surely worthy of the attention.
The government has been encouraging firms to give more generously to worthy causes.
Now there an idea worthy of killing two birds with one stone.
Extra-wide feet and rigid ankle brackets impart quake-worthy stability.
Nothing is truly safe and nothing is actually worthy of trusting your phone's life with.
Heck were not even worthy of answers to our questions in their eyes.
But it certainly looks worthy of further investigation.
Or for that matter, why any algorithm that uses the twitter minimum character limitation is worthy or not.
His speech pattern is a jumble of quick bursts that alternate with long pauses worthy of an absent-minded professor.
His office, with its leather couches and postcard-worthy city views, was larger than many studio apartments.
If a tuna is deemed worthy, negotiations begin immediately.
There is never any real question, in the film, that she is someone worthy of our sympathies and affection.
These slips stem from a worthy concern for the accessible, but they also hint at an absence in the story.
But occasionally a new environment helps create a focus worthy of further reflection.
Finally, software worthy of your computer's footprint.
Too bad: it's a fascinating object, worthy of study.
And it's also fantastically beautiful, worthy of wider recognition.
But maybe there are others more worthy to have their names on a radio astronomy facility.
The snakes' digestive achievements make them worthy of serious study.
She finds it inconceivable that anyone doubts that quality day-care programs are worthy of public funding.
That's a life lesson still worthy of our consideration.
There are many worthy things the government can spend money on, of course.
Your tax deductible donations support thousands of worthy causes.
Worthy viewing the next time you're procrastinating on your own deadline.
It wasn't about bringing attention to this disease, although that in and of itself would have been worthy.
What she hasn't had is an album worthy of her talent.
But there is a goal out there worthy of our generation.
Buying at bargain prices is a worthy thing, but once you start shopping it can be tough to stop.
But if he is worthy of a roster spot, he is worthy of being developed.
The secret ingredient is liquor and they have a half hour to produce a drink and a bar snack worthy being called seductive.
She gives it a dramatic reading worthy of its jarring conclusion: an audible shiver followed by the sound of a gun shot.

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I therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been ... more
I baptize you with water for repentance, but one who is more powerful than I is coming after me; I am not worthymore
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