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Thank you so much for bringing us the wonder of our planet.
Visitors see the diamond, and it gets them to wonder what's in the next room, and in the space beyond that.
But as the visitors arrive at the ancient wonder, they encounter a modern controversy.
One can't help but wonder what happened to the singers.
It's an intriguing proposal-one that made me wonder if we'd soon be eating whale again.
No wonder the prejudice surrounding them is so high.
No wonder kids get the snot kicked out of them at school.
It's no wonder they caught the attention of other diplomats.
They have such poor eyesight, you wonder how they find each other.
Imagine her fear and wonder about the journey and what laid ahead.
People wonder why the trees are turning yellow,accompanied by acrid fumes of cordite.
If people could experience the same they would appreciate it's wonder and contribution to our world.
It inspires the initiative that makes our productivity the wonder of the world.
Drawn by admiration and wonder, she approached the building and ventured to enter.
But it is another wonder to see when held still in this photograph.
Explore the world's oceans, from their prehistoric beginnings to modern-day efforts to preserve their natural wonder.
But the loss of this glorious bird would steal some of the world's wonder.
It was the kind of thing that made you wonder how debates had ever occurred without having that handy rhetorical hammer.
When you handle such a large smartphone, you can't help but wonder if anyone actually needs something this size.
Astronomy and physics have come out of our wonder at the points of light in the darkness.
But this really represents modern oceanographic life, and it is a true thing of wonder.
It makes me wonder about how flexible the bird bones are.
But some wonder whether the guardians of the world's financial system are themselves shipshape.
Ten years on the reader might wonder what has happened to them.
Small wonder that makers of electric cars see it as the market of the future.
Long enough, in other words, for sceptics to wonder when something useful will actually come of it.
No wonder a series of companies that relied on high volume and low margins have been forced into administration.
They wonder how committed the soldiers really are to their promise of surrendering power to an elected civilian government.
For those who wonder about the sort of relief provided, its logo-a cannabis leaf-is a clue.
Grain is often heaped on the ground and covered with a sheet: no wonder the rats get at it.
Small wonder, she says, as four or five families may share a single toilet.
As you wait you wonder how many bad ideas have fizzled out in these self-enforced moments of reflection.
But here are eight reasons to wonder whether the theory is true.
But many solar advocates wonder why the government is not acting as cautiously when it comes to drilling for oil and gas.
No wonder some who had borrowed money ran into difficulties.
No wonder inflation is ticking up across the region, albeit from historic lows in several countries.
Little wonder that three such acquisitions were announced this week.
Makes you wonder whether the solution is ultimately to move away for research paper based perspectives of the tertiary education.
They see journals that they don't use, and wonder why the library has them.
With people focusing on such concerns it's no wonder that administration on campus is bloated and draining money from instruction.
They also continue to wonder why their work is critiqued by reviewers and not accepted in journals.
One has to wonder what the prohibitionists are smoking.
The exhibit would not impress us today, but at the time, it inspired wonder.
Newt was choosing to go to the moon, and yet did so in terms utterly lacking in wonder.
So it's no wonder that companies are feeling cautious.
Given the band's consistent lack of chart presence, you might wonder why so many people care about it, and have for so long.
Gives one the chance to wonder what's going through his head before the punch line is delivered.
It's about science, how it's done, and the sense of wonder it evokes.
The human brain and senses, the ability to wonder and to confront the unexpected-you can't get that out of a machine.
Others wonder whether chemistry is necessary at all.
But in the years after her clinic opened, she began to wonder if some other influence was at work, perhaps even before birth.
It made me wonder if perhaps there was room for a short handbook of cancer etiquette.
Wonder how much time we're going to have to spend in that.
He is a genius-his material is so strange you almost wonder how his brain works.
He sat on his hotel bed, a chinless wonder with watery blue eyes and a small moustache, and chatted about himself.
No wonder that the financial markets have taken fright.
The image seems to embody the awe and wonder of the deep, as well as the extent of our ignorance about this remarkable place.
No wonder people rail against big government for failing to deliver.
Only much later did it occur to me to wonder whether the pair were sleeping together.
No wonder my friends began to think of me as being a little weird when it comes to movies.
You're never left to wonder long over which is which.
If this is right, you might wonder why economic trade occurs so readily in the modern world, but let's leave that aside.
One has to wonder what sights will meet the eyes of fliers a decade or two hence, for the entire region is in transition.
Small wonder that the close of the play is a chorus of renunciation.
One has to wonder if the grid could even handle this kind of demand.
Wonder if this will open the door to quantum computing from another angle.
But it does it so well that you'll wonder how you ever lived without the site.
And they are--which often leads dieters to eat more of them than regular cookies and then wonder why they're not losing weight.
And if you listen closely, you'll start to wonder if the current generation has a voice at all.
These days, you go to a club and wonder who all these kids are.
The second one you can't help but wonder how it's going to make the reader feel.
One took the spectacle in with a feeling of wonder and disgust, something.
No stately settings, no echoes of the fine arts, no images that pop your eyes in wonder.

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