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Sarcasm does tear the flesh but humor and wit is a different story and often confused with the corniest of joke tellers.
There are no algorithms for wit, irony, humor or stylish writing.
His comments were infrequent, and when he did pipe up they were often lame, lacking wit and humor.
You are a woman of great poise and wit.
In high school she cultivated a quick wit to fend off bullies.
And she was a practiced liar as well as a wit.
Please continue to grace us with your amazing wit and charm.
Many people believe that displaying their wit and intelligence will reap rewards for them.
Every habit makes our hand more witty and our wit less handy.
His wit, emerging in droll remarks delivered without warning from a solemn expression, is increasingly evident.
He had talent, imagination, wit and terrific contacts.
His physical magnetism, winning smile and rapier wit made him the guy men wanted to be and women wanted to be with.
Clay's eloquence, wit and mellifluous voice were known to move listeners to tears.
Brevity is the sole of wit, as any dummy can tell you.
Unfortunately the search committee thought your resume of wit and sarcasm was much more in line with the job description.
If you believe that it matters one wit what one economist or another calls him- or herself, you are fairly deluded.
The animated cartoons are done with great style, verve, and wit.
He was a professional writer, after all, with a talent for wit and a penchant for rhetoric.
He appreciated keenly the peculiarities of his acquaintances, and could characterize them with accuracy and wit.
The actor recognizes the subtle moments of wit within the dense, historical text.
The players were told to report to a parking lot, where t hey were loaded onto a ram-shackle bus wit h blacked-out windows.
His images have an odd beauty and, at times, a subversive wit.
Henry's true voice-a mixture of eloquence, ruthlessness, and cold clinical wit-comes out only in the play's great joke.
To wit, a time of abundance and stability turned quickly to horror and a struggle to survive.
Those with whom he felt comfortable were privy to his cerebral wit.
There may have been no topic he could not write about with elegance and wit.
But the real star is the stop-motion animation itself, beautiful to look at and executed with a deliberately spastic wit.
Far from failing him, his celebrated wit grew ever more bitter.
Wit, after all, is the unfailing symptom of intelligence.
Both of us talked about how he was intelligent, and a good way of showing a lot of intelligence is when you see someone has a wit.
Nobody has the wit or gumption to stand up and lift the stylus.
They disapproved of the loophole, but rewarded the guy with the wit to exploit it.
The wit of their conversation he could not appreciate, being ignorant of their language.
Great brilliance, fantastic powers of recall and quick wit are clearly valuable in sustaining conversation at these cosmic levels.
What is certain is that he would have expressed it with clarity and wit.
Independent student work can be managed wit tablets easily.
In essences derivatives made more money available to lend out, to wit, increased the money supply.
The sad but true wit is that the country works not because of its political representation but despite it.
He's got an urbane and sophisticated wit and a flair for telling amusing anecdotes.
Conan's tenacity and wit have been an inspiration to me on my own late-night show.
But the impact owes more to his delivery than to his wit.
When stylized artfully, they have so much more wit and personality than mere human beings.
The question that plagues his party leaders is whether this beguiling wit will propel him to political success or risible failure.
Same use of wit as armor against imprisonment and ennui.
Though he packed plenty of wit into his line deliveries, he rarely appeared in flat-out comedies.

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