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The lumberjack doesn't whine and complain how life is unfair and how tree regulations made it happen.
Whine and complain seems their only order of business.
Debarked dogs continue to bark, whine and vocalize in all the ways dogs do.
Filter out that snoring seatmate or incessant jet-engine whine.
And no transmission whine because there's no transmission.
They say what ought to be done, they whine about what the world has become.
And so they whine and cry, until their owners decide that they're tired of wasting money on feeding them.
E-commerce is turning the complicated details of liquor distribution into the whine industry.
Go whine to someone who actually gives, if you can find them, that is.
There was a din: the hollow, rumbling rhythm of drumbeats and the thin whine of oboes.
Maybe it's the low rumble of nearby construction or the high whine of a turboprop.
The allegedly profligate financing those who whine incessantly about paying their taxes.
Turbo's lag may jostle your latte, and its ever-present whine is grating.
The clank, whirr and whine of a thousand robots cutting metal, injecting plastic and emptying moulds is no more.
When you taxi, there is the whir of the propeller and the quiet whine of an electric motor.
People who whine about in flight entertainment need to get a life.
Rock stars have it all, yet they often whine about the grueling hours of recording sessions.
But if you can whine to the media, and get them to project a message so you don't have to pay your mortgage, more power to ya.
Their whine and boisterous hilarity were alike hushed now.
Sister had about had it, that was clear, and he heard her whining as loud as he'd ever heard her whine.
It starts with a short whine, then a low growl and builds into this pitiful howling.
He enters the crate reluctantly but doesn't whine or bark once in.
Glad you asked my advice which is shoot shoot shoot, and don't whine.
From the sky came the whoosh of a fighter jet and, much closer, the whine of a drone.
With a loud high-pitched whine, the scoopers start to spin.
As she flies she calls to him by modulating the whine of her fluttering wings.
Still all those who whine about being overblown, try predicting it yourself and living with what you come up with.
He was beginning to tune out the conflicting voices to a pinched whine, dialing out the indoor traffic.
The four turbines spooled up, their whine becoming a clatter.
It's not unusual to find white-whine or edible flowers topped on your pizza.
But once in a while, he breaks into a whine, a cackle or a yelp.
Money allows you to whine to your heart's content, and to be as happy or as miserable as you choose.
And her right to whine incessantly when she makes bad decisions.
Even when the objectives are not clear, the students wouldn't whine.
And if he chooses to be polite and shake her hand, then he needs to not whine about it.
Although it's obvious he's not going to actually do anything about it except whine.
They may whine, withdraw from peers or lose interest in normal activities.
Countless newly emerged flying insects buzz and whine and rise in ecstatic, vibrating clouds.
The whine of machinery, the thump of pumps and the roar of generators are constant.
Poachers are the ones who would whine the loudest if there was no longer any game available.
When the roar stopped, heard a sharp tone whine and the whine lasted maybe a second.
Most of the year, owls can be heard, each calling its own distinctive hoot or whine.
Remember to keep your voice calm, and do not whine or yell.
Leaders who whine and blame engender those same behaviors among their colleagues.
The animal may make noise or whine only in the first moments following separation, or may continue the entire period of isolation.
Small electric generators are adding their whine to the din as temporary lighting is being hooked up.
We don't tell the kids where we're going because they'd whine about wanting to go again, too.

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