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The robot also has a vacuum wand for gathering live samples intact-vital for identifying species.
They whisper conspiratorially to their customers, and occasional wand and tap them with herb bundles.
Install a soft spray head or watering wand with an on-off valve.
The priest took his wand-which, with its bouquet of folded paper, resembled a white feather duster-and touched it to the flames.
It was almost as if that people expected him to wave magic wand and fix everything.
Try to catch the bubble on your wand and time how long the bubble lasts before it pops.
There is no magical wand to reduce our visceral obesity.
Yet, the powers were there before they were set free by the wand of the enchanter.
So that every wand or staff of empire is forsooth curved at top.
And peace uplifts her wand, and heaven his blessing yields.
Striking the column with her wand she caused it to split open and give up the sacred coffin.
As you wander, you'll find fantastical objects that respond to your wand.
The retractable self-cleaning bidet wand is fully controllable.
Back in the great hall, an older priest waves a giant wand-essentially a mop of white parchment streamers-over his counterpart.
Even in the hands of ordinary folk, it's a magic wand.
Or they have found a magic wand that screens better students.
And what can be done at this point, not much, unless you have a magic wand which get reduce human reproduction rate and greed.
The next company to be touched by the commercial magic wand was even smaller.
In a more mundane vein, reintroducing old currencies cannot be done with a magic wand.
Crumbles will fall from the table, but swinging the magic wand of free marked economy doesn't make your motion true in my eyes.
She comes with a funky outfit, a wand and a code for exclusive video content.
His fingers, gnarled by arthritis, would hold the dodging wand.
The centerpiece of the illustration is the wand, which evokes fanciful magic, as well as the almighty dollar.
What she did was turn at the last instant to get a look at the tiny leather wand sticking out from his swinging hand.
The age of atomic energy could be said to have begun, literally, with the wave of a wand.
The writer's job was to hold the suction wand that pulled the blood out of the operating field.
He seemed to age overnight, losing his looks in the wave of a wand.
These are not lessons you can learn by importing a few guys and waving your magic wand.
There is no magic wand that will make the guns disappear.
Scientists may soon be able to cut those eight wasted hours down to three or four-by waving a wand, more or less.
These people do not use religion as a magic wand to make everything be the way they want it to be.
Waving a third-party magic wand will not bring together people who hold legitimately different opinions.
No problems are caused or fixed by the wave of a wand.
Nintendo invented a video game you control with a magic wand.
Credit for that feat goes, in large part, to an anthropomorphic rodent wielding an unruly wand.
It can't wave a wand to restore consumer confidence, revive the private sector or reverse decades of overleveraging.

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