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Although he could not have known it at the time, he had found his life's vocation.
But his vocation is computers, and he has always been fascinated with cryptography.
They'll be serious scientists seriously out of a vocation.
He thus belonged to the gentry, and it seems likely that he entered the church more as a profession than a vocation.
Democracy, the vocation of the elite is not among these values.
Because of a lack of jobs many have turned to retail as a vocation.
They have a calling, a vocation, to explore and transmit and encourage the development of knowledge.
Advocacy is not merely a skill but practically a vocation.
Nature, which incites his heresies inspires his true vocation.
It is the civilization, first of all, which gave me the idea of the writing vocation.
As the schoolmaster vanishes, the conditions arise which should bring forth the vocation of the independent educator.
Because ultimately, salary is merely a measure of the worth society places on a given vocation.
Vocation inequality is acceptable so long as you don't talk about it.
Students at every level should be encouraged to explore subjects that will not be part of their vocation.
Abbey held that his main vocation was as iconoclastic litterateur defending natural wilderness and freedom.

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