vindictiveness in a sentence

Example sentences for vindictiveness

Besides he's been kept out by spitefulness and vindictiveness.
While there should be no surrender of principle, our task must be undertaken wisely and without heedless vindictiveness.
The gunmen's jittery vindictiveness plays into the hands of the strategists who control them.
Even when that indignation sharpens into personal vindictiveness, it may still be a good symptom, though bad in itself.
Toward the end he often soured into rancor and vindictiveness.
The nasty vindictiveness of some of the replies shocks me and they should you too.
It reflects a personal vindictiveness that should have no place in this process.
Thus, the government presented evidence that the information was not turned over out of vindictiveness.
Prosecutorial vindictiveness was not raised in the trial court and appeals court declines to find plain error.
The additional charges have not resulted from vindictiveness but from a cautious and deliberate investigation.
Any possible presumption of vindictiveness in sentencing was completely dissuaded by court's clear and sound explanation.
There appears to be an element of vindictiveness to his prosecution of this proceeding.

Famous quotes containing the word vindictiveness

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