vignettes in a sentence

Example sentences for vignettes

New this month: garden accents arranged in idea-filled vignettes.
All four vignettes have the sense of seeming to end before they should.
But he wrote about that too, in poignant, crystalline vignettes about his upbringing and travels.
Get ideas for outdoor dining pavilions from detailed vignettes.
The vignettes are part of the presale view that starts tomorrow.
Virtual spaces mean you can have these little vignettes.
Online, days' worth of film has been edited into vignettes lasting several minutes.
There are four or five other vignettes in rhyme--all of them small, none of them dazzling.
Gotham is filled with engaging vignettes and vivid narratives.
Some focus on vignettes, miniature scenes that tell a story.
Maybe they didn't even have any mythical vignettes in their heads.
Here again are the stylized ghosts,the splintery sentimental vignettes, the watered-down appropriations from past triumphs.
Every chapter is leavened with well-turned anecdotes and vignettes.
His vignettes of the dancer in later years, his mind gone dark, are haunting.
But he didn't attach these potent vignettes to a story with any narrative or emotional plausibility.
One of the vignettes they used was one on gender bias.
Streetscapes, decorated vignettes that show period streets, decorate the entrance to each gallery.
Family record showing a series of pictorial designs for pictures and text, with vignettes in the corners.
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