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Phoenix is the nation's largest private university and the one with the biggest piece of the military-student and veteran market.
At the same time, veteran educators worry about overreliance on a single sending country.
GM is playing it safe with its promised electric car, choosing a veteran battery supplier.
Green is a communications technology and research veteran.
He's also a real fighter and can be quite aggressive, a true veteran of the science wars.
You'll grab a board and head to the beach with veteran instructors-and be hanging ten before you know it.
Four noted veteran players with considerable histories together-the.
The well-made works of the veteran choreographer are always pleasant, if rarely stirring.
Fox, worried that it had a runaway production on its hands, sent a veteran producer to the set.
So said a veteran executive as he announced his surprise retirement last month.
The two crossed the floor, to join veteran opposition leaders.
Meetings of its non-executive supervisory board are, says one veteran director, little more than time-wasting theatre.
Even veteran observers of the nation's capital are scratching their heads.
His more kindly stepfather was a disabled civil-war veteran.
The story of their financial firefighting is a thrilling one, deftly told by a veteran journalist with access to those involved.
Labels have long put out boxed sets of music by veteran acts.
He urges the government to set up a veteran's administration.
It was a new medium for the veteran designer, and she says she enjoyed the challenge.
If you are a veteran or a service-disabled veteran, you have several options to choose from when starting your business.
The first step towards obtaining veteran benefits is to understand what benefits are available to you and your family.
It's a national tragedy that any veteran, after serving our country in uniform, becomes homeless.

Famous quotes containing the word veteran

At Hayes' General Store, west of the cemetery, hangs an old army rifle, used by a discouraged Civil War veteranmore
There is a sort of veteran women of condition, who, having lived always in the grand mode, and having possi... more
That's what it means to be a veteran—to be scared all the time.... more
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