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He had interrupted his studies for a stint as ship's surgeon aboard a whaling vessel.
With all but one of the ship's hands accounted for, all eyes turned back to the battered vessel.
Hijacking a ship on the high seas is not always the easiest way to obtain a vessel in which to transport stolen cargoes.
Even with the latest safety equipment, a ship is still a vessel that's been constructed a certain way.
Neither will a new campus make the vessel more seaworthy.
The reactor core which includes these rods, and the water it sits in, are contained within a thick steel pressure vessel.
Decorated polychrome vessel recovered from the burial of the hieroglyphic stairway.
The containment vessel for any meltdown may not even hold and in that case an untold amount of radiation could escape.
They suspect that a fishing vessel picked it up accidentally.
Turn a shadow-box frame into a vessel for your favorite things from the garden or the florist.
The boat, a big industrial vessel known as a purse seiner, was easy prey.
Steering her was futile, and the vessel slid slowly down the wall of the gyre.
For wet stuffing: remove from vessel and spread out on a sheet pan.
The reactor vessel would burst into a primary containment vessel, which would limit the immediate spread of radioactive materials.
The team employed computer simulations to explore the adhesion between a blood-borne cell and a surface akin to a vessel wall.
Freeing a beached vessel usually involved the laborious unloading of cargo until the boat rode high enough to clear the snag.
Solar ovens cook food by concentrating the sun's rays on a cooking vessel to heat it.
Tanaka says the vessel was damaged in the production process.
Some heat the cooking vessel on all sides, while others heat only from the bottom.
Winslow sees the vasoconstriction as a reflex that is susceptible to the ebb and flow of oxygen in the vessel.
Icebreakers free a drilling vessel from its icebound berth.
The machines also often carry a variety of sensors and cameras, transmitting data and images back to the surface vessel.
At high speed, the nose deflects water away from the surfaces of the vessel.
Further on gleaming ranks of cars await their vessel.
Typical seabed oil exploration involves towing an array of giant air guns behind a research vessel.
He's bringing a robotic archaeologist to scour the vessel.
Butts was lucky-he escaped the waterlogged vessel before it sank.
The sailors also left some more intimate items aboard the vessel.
Why your vessel seized our fishermen, shot and killed them.
These algae now release their oil, which floats to the surface of the culture vessel.
Normally, these vents release car exhaust from the deep holds as vehicles are driven on and off the vessel.
If not, your vessel must crash through high, crested walls of water.
Of course, the ideal vessel should have lines as noble as the surroundings and room for a payload of toys.
The rocket took a fast turn to one side and overflew the mission control vessel after a few seconds.
The containment vessel protecting the core was said to be undamaged.
She was one of three people who traveled to the newly discovered underworld in a submersible vessel.
We came out covered with oil that slowly leaks from the vessel.
The stylet is what is pushed through the skin to find a blood vessel inside.
Why dont you send down a robotic vessel and see how far it gets thrown back by the pressure.
The remains of a crashed vessel jut from the ground.
The pirates then scored a major ransom in return for the arms and the vessel.
For each vessel, the book listed an imperialist collector.
It suggested, in size and silhouette, a cruise liner more than a cargo vessel.
In addition, the endothelium acts as a barrier to prevent toxic substances from entering the blood vessel's wall.
Early research suggests that the treatment works by promoting blood vessel growth.
Because the mini livers aren't real organs, they don't have the blood vessel structure or red, plumped-up look of a full liver.
Perhaps a blood vessel had broken while that part of the gut wall was forming, or maybe a small cyst had formed and then ruptured.
Expanding the balloon is known to injure the blood vessel, prompting release of factors that promote healing and growth.
Any vehicle from a jumbo jet to a cargo vessel can carry a queen to a new site, where she can set up a new colony.
Stuck to the vessel walls, the infected cells never get swept through the spleen.
After that, build a vessel in orbit who's sole job is to go from orbit to orbit.
The end result is a blood vessel clogged with clumps of fat.
But it is as an empty vessel that it makes its deepest impression.
He likes the vessel, but he also wants to make sure the vessel is full.
After a predetermined time, the vessel that has been exposed to the low-caffeine extract is isolated and emptied.
The data collected is crucial to naval engineers trying to predict the vessel's likely shifts of position.
That's the big blood vessel underneath the clavicle, or collarbone.
The g-loading also requires that your payload be incredibly secure, and the vessel incredibly strong.
It has nothing to do with the blood vessels of the heart, and is not caused by blood vessel disease.
It may be impossible for civilization to right its listing vessel if the signal for cure is lost in a sea of noise.
One could calculate how far away is that frontier, and how big is the vessel.
We lowered two red skiffs from our research vessel, loaded our diving gear, and sped off toward the lagoon.
All adventure is a vessel for getting to the more important things in life.
Before they could swing into position, the larger vessel was upon them.
Once free of the launch vessel the plane plunged straight into the river-a disaster.
The orcas rapidly closed the gap to the dolphins and rode alongside our vessel, sometimes leaping next to us or bow-riding.
If pirates captured his vessel the animals would die within days and the smell would be gagging.
If the tea were not in a vessel, this would indeed scatter the leaves away from the centre.
Other options include stoves that run on propane gas or pellets, or reflect solar radiation onto a cooking vessel.
Not much of a colony, it must be said: the island is so small that even a modest fishing vessel can come ashore only at high tide.
Near the back part of the central tendon each vessel divides into a medial and a lateral branch.
It consists of minute and highly vascular villous processes, each with an afferent and an efferent vessel.
At the lower border of the pons it unites with the vessel of the opposite side to form the basilar artery.
Poor weather and movement of the vessel hamper retrieval of bodies.
When the splintered remains of his tiny vessel drifted ashore six weeks later, he was presumed drowned.
The splintered remains of his vessel washed ashore six weeks later.
The crude oil was so thick it had to be heated before it could be loaded into the vessel's nine liquid product cargo tanks.

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