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Today someone settling down to watch television is likely to witness a veritable carnival of violent behavior.
In fact, there is a veritable epidemic of back pain in this country today, and nobody can explain why.
If you want to see interesting people, it's a veritable buffet.
The reason is that there's a veritable alphabet soup of genes which pop out of the numerous studies focusing on these traits.
The trickle of data that distant-galaxy hunters once collected has now turned into a veritable geyser.
Life over yonder in fine weather is a perpetual holiday, here a veritable tread-mill of industry.
He may, in his desire to resist at any cost, present a picture of veritable emotional feeblemindedness.
He was possessed by a veritable rage for acquiring and storing up knowledge.
That's a lot to you and me, but it's a veritable rounding error for a bank of this magnitude and wealth.
After someone swallows a medicine, the chemical must traverse a veritable maze.
But compared with their heretofore hypothetical cousin the sterile neutrino, ordinary neutrinos are veritable firecrackers.
It turns out that the brain is a veritable sponge for steroid hormones.
His lack of any real discovery is perplexing in a book that purports to be about a veritable maritime treasure hunt.
The weather is perennially warm and dry, with heat waves in the summer making a trip to the beach or pool a veritable necessity.
Antique hounds and book lovers, in particular, will find the city a veritable paradise.
In some places this has led to a veritable data-centre construction boom.
In some cases, what begins as entertainment turns into a veritable addiction.
The large dining room on the second floor was transformed into a veritable garden.
That's because you can take a veritable library with you.
If they were playing for stakes, she would be sweeping in their money by the veritable armful.
Bush's day-to-day language was a veritable biblical message center.
It's a veritable buffet for the world's largest mammal, the great blue whale.
Treks of varying distances transport you into veritable sculpture gardens full of eerie hoodoo.
The cemetery is a veritable museum of funerary sculpture and mausoleums spanning more than a century and a half.
For lovers of fine art, it was a veritable field day.
Pinyon pine joins a veritable cactus garden of barrel, cholla and prickly pear varieties.
For many birds, however, a journey across the skies may be a veritable obstacle course of human-related hazards.
Our candidate doesn't really shine in the debate format, whereas our opponent is a veritable forensic champion.

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