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Aid administrators will need time, training, and support to improve the verification process.
In a world where owning even a handful of bombs would confer huge advantage, verification will have to be completely reliable.
In any event it needs substantial verification by non-interested parties.
Offer of employment conditional upon background verification.
Unfortunately corpses have been used as verification on several occasions.
Verification of strategic weapons is exercised through monitoring delivery vehicles.
Background verification must be completed before employment can begin.
Refugee and human-rights groups are incensed by what they consider a thoroughly flawed verification process.
Otherwise, you have to do all the verification yourself.
Employment eligibility verification and background check required before hire.
Each transaction is sent through a bank verification process.
It's debate, it's experimentation, and it's verification of claims that might be false.
Employment will be contingent on completed background verification.
If this were a lone study, it would need verification by others.
Don't get me wrong on this, but perhaps there is another way of identification and verification yt dx.
We establish trust among strangers through verification in social interactions.
Employment eligibility verification required upon hire.
The company said it would seek independent verification of the charges.
Photo vouchers are the preferred method of verification.
Some good scientific verification into what has been believed for a long time.
Any offer of employment will be conditional on background verification.
What is needed is independent verification with controls, otherwise this ridiculous hype will continue.
Offer of employment contingent upon background verification.
We should have the option to turn on verification of packet origination.
This, he notes, creates a need for both identification and verification of trust in what is generally an untrustworthy milieu.
Unlike science, psychiatry has never been subject to verification.
If everyone had done their homework, the verification part of the lecture should go pretty fast.
And then you really have to make sure that you are agreeing with experimental verification.
They have not committed to any firm targets for their emissions levels nor for any verification of their emissions.
They need a better verification system stating that the comment has been submitted for newly-registered members.
If as you say multiple universes are by definition not subject to verification then it is not empirical.
For the nozzle design verification tests, a special purpose thrust chamber test position was prepared.
Experimental verification of a negative index of refraction.
It will also add new features, such as contact information verification.
Users can register on the site only with a college e-mail address, which serves as verification that users are students.
Letters should include the writer's name, address and telephone number for verification.
Online merchants have no immediate verification that the consumer is legitimately using a credit card number.
Letters for publication should include the writer's name, address and telephone number for verification.
Then the pilot in command can communicate with the ground to get verification where the air marshals are seated and who they are.
Savings would have to be placed in qualifying accounts to make verification easier.
Applicants selected will be subject to a background verification and drug screen.
It time-stamps this itinerary, in case later verification is needed.
They really need to produce the body to actual scientists for verification.
The only authentic knowledge is that which is based on sense, experience and positive verification.
The method consists in the critical examination of every fact which admits of independent verification.
So the verification was not perfect, only being able to show if a participant had smoked within the last few days.
Involving human beings in verification complicates and tremendously slows the process.
Its efforts cry out for verification, but not cynicism.
Empiricism is false as there is no such thing as empirical verification of a theory.
Also, there's no evidence to support that notion, so it's idle speculation with no means for verification one way or another.
In particular, it does not provide verification of the theory.
The more current the research, the more sophisticated the verification and now possible explanations are being offered.
Science works by objective verification of evidence.
Now, without outside verification it's not possible to know if this is an impact for sure or not, but it seems likely.
Verification by direct link will prove any attempts to change the wording.
Finally, that prediction must be unambiguously confirmed through the empirical verification.
First, there has been no verification of any alien activity.

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