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He'll participate in races, engage in vehicular combat and undertake rescue missions while behind the wheel.
Those are the only people who can safely undertake doctoral education in the humanities.
Such indifference will make it harder for governments to undertake reform.
Hedonistic societies do not undertake to perform great accomplishments.
Who knows if there will ever again be funding to undertake this sort of coring operation.
The faint-hearted would not dare undertake such a serious, often dangerous, endeavor.
Strong demonstrated interest and capability to undertake scholarly research publishable in leading journals.
There are linguistic reasons too why spelling reform is tricky to undertake.
Experience the arduous journeys that some species undertake to survive.
Some areas of research are costlier to undertake than others.
Have students undertake a sprawl photojournalism project.
But if reason was the only motive, scholars would undertake fewer expensive trips to distant archives.
Experience the arduous journeys that some animal species undertake to survive.
So don't be overambitious about the goals you set and the projects you undertake.
Adventurers undertake their pursuits, in large measure, for personal gain or for an adrenaline high.
Wright will undertake to see some of the coal operators to-day.
Together, they undertake search-and-rescue missions to sniff out people who have disappeared.
After all, professors often must undertake controversial subjects in the context of teaching a subject.
Many of them will not be able to undertake strenuous exercise again.
Few undertake a doctoral programme for monetary gain.
The latest racket to be exploited by the cinema is that concerned with the gentry who undertake to search for missing heirs.
Rappel over rooftops and drop down on unsuspecting punks, solve riddles, and undertake side missions.
Virtual adventures may be easier to undertake, but they can also result in significant complications.
Actions they'd undertake would escape our notice or be perceived as natural events not the actions of living beings.
Do you undertake the cause of impartiality, of integrity, of good faith and religion.
Few secrets can escape an investigator, who has opportunity and license to undertake such a quest, and skill to follow it up.
But do not undertake to exercise these prerogatives of royalty until you are quite sure of being crowned.
It's up to all of us, regardless of ideology, to undertake corrective climate action now.
Undertake fundamental restructuring of government programs and services.
Scientists who undertake the work of theologians are as reckless as theologians who pretend to be scientists.
Our sixty-nine participating experts appeared to be well qualified as a group to undertake the mayor survey.
But they gamely agreed to undertake a newly devised program of cycling intervals.
They undertake exhausting schedules, whisk across multiple time zones, and work long days.
Your boss and staff undertake to help you to keep to the plan.
But some countries do not undertake such inventories.
Under him, the currently hide-bound regulator might well undertake a long-overdue root-and-branch reform of securities markets.
The engineering challenge is far more tractable than big companies' collective will to undertake it.
The fact is that not many people undertake the study because it requires an extensive understanding of so many factors.
It could undertake sweeping reforms in order to raise potential supply.
The more you undertake to do for others, the less they will be capable of doing for themselves.
Joint venture construction enterprises are also obligated to undertake foreign-invested construction projects.

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