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If you are suddenly feeling confused about whether to greet middle age with open arms or dread, it is understandable.
They need to ensure that access to information about budgets and decision making is open to all and in understandable formats.
It is understandable that many who once worked at the firm feel this way.
The guard's reluctance to let the foreigner continue on is understandable.
And it is understandable why a building which has experienced unusual horror and violence to be torn down.
But it should be available and understandable to everybody.
She's a serial gadget-dropper, so her concerns are understandable.
The anger of the would-be public servants was understandable.
Yours, and the general public's fear of nuclear power is understandable given the rabid press these incidents entail.
Their world would be turned upside down, it's sort of understandable.
So it is indeed understandable that there are those who will go to any lengths to avoid the truth of this matter.
Knowledge of evolutionary theory makes much of the rest of biology far more understandable.
He cuts to the truth of a matter by making complicated ideas understandable for general readers.
It may be understandable to actually ban high performance cars as well.
The pound's slide has aroused understandable anxiety.
The argument made in this article is logical and understandable.
Here, though, skepticism and even fear is totally understandable.
It is understandable that many college graduates do not see a rosy future in becoming a physician.
Please re-translate and restate in an understandable form.
For investors who lose money in the market, there is understandable concern.
Notice that only the student is the only one who vented that level of frustration at you---and this is understandable.
And with the demand for their services growing, there is understandable reluctance to limit recruitment.
The understandable focus to isolate problems for easier solutions is, in this case, not seeing the forest for the trees.
It's understandable that people are questioning the value, given the unemployment situation.
Down amid the eerie dereliction, both the allure and the scepticism are understandable.
So it's understandable that a few hidden gems slipped under the radar.
It was a completely understandable decision, of course.
Given the gloomy history, the lingering unease about higher oil prices is understandable.
The game is also pretty clunky, which is understandable considering its short development time.
To be effective, employee goals must be clear and understandable.
The instinct to give him the benefit of the doubt may be understandable.
Evolution is the understandable and well-supported explanation for the development of life on this planet.
They do it for all sorts of reasons, from the understandable to the insane.
It is understandable that the use of psychedelics has been contained for as long as it has.
Kind of a big design flaw, albeit one that flows from an understandable reason.
One of my great-aunts used a completely understandable quadruple negative one day.
The need for objectivity in science is understandable.
So it's understandable that they would not want any of their work to be turned to military uses.
It is perfectly understandable that you are worried.
It's an understandable strategy from the publishers' point of view, but gamers are not coming out ahead.
If he disagreed with you or disliked your actions he let you know immediately and plain understandable language.
The anxiety among these villagers is completely understandable.
The jarring back and forth of action and cinematics is an understandable approach, but will one day seem unnecessary.
So the search for third neighbours is understandable.
Some caution, too, is understandable from central bankers who have waded ever deeper into unconventional monetary policy.
The imbalance between warm words and colder realities was understandable.
Such jubilation is understandable, but it may be slightly premature.
In some respects this is understandable, since regulators and investigators need to be left to get on with their work.
The outcry prompted by such remarks is perhaps understandable.
Developing-world investors have understandable reasons for caution.
As remarkable as the above line is from an historical standpoint, it's easily understandable.
Some of these fears are understandable, but lacking supporting evidence they have never been compelling.
Their scepticism is understandable, given the government's general record of wastefulness.
When it comes to immediate relief, this is understandable.
On regulation, there is an understandable fear that an outsized financial-services industry means an outsized risk for taxpayers.
Such nervousness is understandable, but it may also be misplaced.
The bonus tax levied last year by the previous government was understandable, given public outrage.
Years of defeats bred an understandable degree of caution.
The desire to bring back the boring, small banking industry of the nineteen-fifties is understandable.
The ennui of the movie fans was perhaps understandable.
The backlash against the subprime lenders is understandable, since their business practices were often reckless and deceptive.
It's understandable that the war fills him with ambivalence.
Reading their books is undignified, though also completely understandable, given how horrible life can be.
The anger is understandable, and voters are under no obligation to be consistent.
But these worries, understandable though they might have been, proved unjustified.
The reduction in aid budgets, understandable as it may be, has been too severe.
It's understandable that these ventures get so much attention.
But it's understandable if doctors don't do this because they are extremely busy and overworked.
The semiconductor industry's reluctance to take a chance on new technology is understandable.
Granted it has to be somewhat familiar to be understandable, but here is the realm of true creativity.
What is new is making it safe, understandable, and economic.
He's wrong on both counts, but his horror is both understandable and justified.
While frustration over yet another bank fee is understandable, this one should surprise no one.
It's understandable that people might snark about that, but physics is no respecter of political differences.
At the same time, it's historically true and understandable that people were absolutely appalled by that war.
The giddiness and exultation is natural and understandable.
The fear and anger that it provoked was understandable, but in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our ideals.
They don't make the messiness of horrific acts understandable, or even clear.
Also understandable is their fear that standards will be set in a way that turns their white coats into straitjackets.
After a decade of war and overseas occupation, this reluctance is understandable.
And yet, in another way, it's entirely understandable.
Which is understandable, because neighborhoods have network effects.
For all these reasons, a little demographic-induced panic is understandable.
But his confusion and frustration were palpable, and understandable.
Although understandable, their silence perpetuates the illusion that these conferences are a legitimate academic activity.
But although some problems are understandable, others relate to the personal greed of administrators.
On the other hand, you may need to practice writing concise and easily understandable e-mail messages.
While her frustration is understandable, her accusations were without merit.
It is understandable that it is indifferent to the idea that the value of education is implicit in our being social creatures.
Our interest in graduation rates is understandable, but our disinterest in success is not.
Maybe it's understandable, but it's still not a winner to be that way.
He wants to be close to his kids and that is understandable.
Your dog is probably an intrinsic part of your family, so it's understandable you'll want to bring it along when you travel.
Learning about the past makes the present so much more understandable.
It would be understandable for this team to believe the hype surrounding it and not take an opponent seriously on a given night.
But these excesses of enthusiasm are understandable, given the present-day backdrop.
The prevailing ignorance is somewhat understandable.
These cases are perhaps understandable, since the species in question aren't too distantly related from one another.
It must be understandable while intact, so that no one will want to take it apart.
It's understandable that it can take some time to get scientific results together for publication.
Thank you for fleshing out this story in a completely readable and understandable manner.
The emotionality, understandable though it is, is probably not helping.
In a similar way, good science writing rounds technical concepts to their nearest understandable form.
Interestingness depends radically on context, which is perfectly understandable.
Since they never mention it except in a caption below the images, it's understandable that it seems a bit underhanded.
It's understandable to invest in expensive, light composite construction and high-tech, high-efficiency engines.
No, that would have been wrong even back then, even if understandable.
Expand the metaphor to four dimensions and this becomes more understandable.
The desperate, perhaps understandable, search to find meaning is dangerous.
It is therefore perhaps understandable that a more robust sense of cultural and political self-confidence has remained elusive.
It is understandable that a tragic rhetoric would have been impossible for her.
The wish to focus on millionaires is understandable.
All of this is regrettable, but understandable, and not unjustifiable.
But what has occurred can be deemed neither wise nor understandable.
As long as the idea is interesting and understandable it will be considered.
For a nation of soda and bottled water drinkers, that is understandable but not commendable.
If you are living in rural areas where public transportations are not available it can be understandable.
Your visions of the future seem to be based on ideal product design and technology, which is understandable.
It's understandable, you don't care about your spirituality.
Our lack of success may be understandable but it is not acceptable.
And it understandable where your amazing idea come from.
And that is sort of understandable and, you know, one can sympathize with that.
While this is understandable, it doesn't do you any good if you cause your customers to become unemployed.
It's that crucial, interest and money drives the space program, putting a human face on it makes it accessible and understandable.
In such a situation, getting defensive is understandable.
Perhaps you have a more specific notion of science where your point of view is more understandable.
It was an understandable mistake: the marriage had lasted only six months.
The delay was perhaps understandable, given the manufacturing process.
But that's understandable because this was a completely new vehicle and a completely new way to operate.
It's an understandable mistake given their talent, size and accomplishments.
It's understandable that school officials are unsettled these days.
Thus, the deaths of juveniles raise understandable public concerns.
The application instructions and related material were understandable.
Explore this site to learn how to communicate quality information that's understandable and useful.
For any policy to be effective, it must be clear and understandable.
Translating complex information into understandable formats.
Every effort was made to make the presentation simple, direct, and understandable to the widest possible audience.

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