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Example sentences for trepidation

Holiday fliers know the trepidation of travel on some of the year's busiest dates.
She goes out in trepidation, in order to do some shopping.
While others show trepidation before walking down empty corridors, she leads the way and beckons her companions to follow.
MAinly because by then, they've become self conscious and feel too much trepidation to ask questions.
The cutbacks in the federal budget are further exacerbated by the continuing trepidation of many venture capitalists.
If it senses any trepidation at all, it will try to own you.
Yes, you are more insecure and less audacious than your peers and have great trepidation facing the page.
Granted, until one is a full professor, there is still a little trepidation.
There is clearly some rumors, trepidation, expectations.
She came slowly near the window with trepidation clearly on her face.
Against the little one's trepidation about this adult drink, her older sister's patience shows the confidence of her years.
Their trepidation concerned the country, their proposed jobs and even their own commitment.
Patrol officers experience periods of boredom punctuated by moments of trepidation and danger.
It should therefore not be surprising that substantial trepidation exists towards this new approach.
The public views issues involving genetic research with a combined sense of excitement, awe and trepidation.

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