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People with severely compromised immune systems can transmit the virus for weeks or months.
Wilcox of six criminal counts of unlawfully using telecommunications devices to transmit.
Conventional radio of this sort cannot, unfortunately, transmit video or web pages.
Handling and consuming animal products, such as pork, can transmit some viruses.
We use light to transmit information, using fiber optics.
Mice can be infected with the influenza virus but do not transmit it.
One stressed sovereign can generate instability in financial markets which can transmit stress to other sovereigns.
Millions of photoreceptor cells residing in the human retina gather light and transmit signals to the brain.
Munch developed a psychologically charged and expressive style to transmit emotional sensation.
They can alter your settings and monitor your moves in order to transmit personal information about you to snoops.
Some transmit signals from the exterior to the interior.
It's such a challenge to transmit via film the sensations you feel over there.
The device uses infrared, similar to that of a television remote control, to transmit audio and visual information.
Not having to transmit also helped to reduce the device's size.
Fiber-optic cables can transmit more data at a faster pace than other technologies.
These novel devices exploit a property called permittivity, which describe a substance's ability to transmit an electric field.
Policies, procedures and category rates, as well as the information you'll need to reserve and transmit your ad can be found here.
They have a calling, a vocation, to explore and transmit and encourage the development of knowledge.
News and talk, however, transmit at much lower bit rates.
Not all mobile monitoring technology can transmit data wirelessly.
Some people truly don't care what message or imagine their clothes transmit.
It will transmit the animal's location and other information.
The only other serious alternative is orbital solar-electric stations to transmit power back by microwaves.
To transmit the model's results without important caveats is reckless.
The nerve bundles, which are presumed to be light-sensitive, transmit the optical information to the rest of the nervous system.
Secondly, finding human pathogens in human blood in a parasite isn't evidence they transmit those diseases.
Many birds produce odors detectable to people, and mutually preen plumage, which could transmit information.
Aphids, common pests in the tomato garden, feed on plant sap and transmit viruses.
The drug blocks nerve channels that ordinarily transmit pain.
The long-term goal is to equip commercial poultry farms with microphones that transmit clucking to a voice recognition system.
These buoys transmit data to researchers and meteorologists every day.
The windows absorb this radiation, and then transmit it into your home as heat.
If they could act as a team, they might figure out better ways to transmit the data, which would avoid clogged areas.
They pick up the vibrations and transmit that information to our brains, which interpret it as sound.
They learn and leave, and often don't stay long enough to transmit their knowledge to the incoming members of the lab.
The upright robot can transmit and receive audio and video and can be driven by remote control.
The feeling they transmit through their backpacks and freshly shampooed hair is the opposite.
As long as someone has a fever, they have the possibility to transmit infection.
It's easier to transmit than full video and can be used with instant messaging to convey emotion and nuance.
Transmit a second alarm and start relocating companies into the area.
Domestic carrier pigeons have been used for centuries to transmit messages during wartime.
They may have also developed a way to store and transmit information in non verbal ways too.
It's a device with a microphone in it that can transmit all it hears even when you're not consciously making a call.
These new technologies allow small implants to transmit one's data wireless on a particular network.
The tags can transmit in different frequencies that can be read from varying distances.
Once they interact with the external field, they change their charge and transmit the response in the opposite direction.
Mosquitoes transmit dozens of infections, but none is as complicated or as sinister as malaria.
If you want to transmit well the system driving the antenna should match that.
From that distance, the power they would have to transmit would be enormous to reach us.
He recommended changing it to enable officers in the field to transmit incident information electronically into the system.
His research has shown that ducks can transmit flu viruses quite easily to chickens.
Sucking insects, primarily leafhoppers, transmit this disease that infects asters and many other plants.
But he doesn't do much more than preserve and transmit the dances-with admirable skill and care and a slightly heavy-handed wit.
Clouds in the staring sky transmit to each other, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him.
Malaria is common in these areas because the mosquitoes that carry and transmit the disease thrive in hot, humid climates.
These buoys transmit data daily to researchers and forecasters around the world.
Then there's the fact that it really doesn't make much sense to transmit only for a few minutes, hours, or days.
They soon began to build castles and to transmit their powers, together with their lands, to their heirs.
They would also take off the signals of the enemy and transmit them.
Never keep bread wrapped in cloth, as the cloth will absorb moisture and transmit an unpleasant taste to bread.
The vehicles employed to transmit these happy influences are no other than grave-clothes.
The idea is that you speak into a machine that will transmit your edits into cyberspace.
They can also carry resistant bacteria on their clothing and can transmit them to family and friends.
Please transmit the balance on that amount given to me last night.
Only religion has had this power to transmit the same messages about reality to every social group, creating a common culture.
Physicists have known how to transmit power wirelessly for almost two centuries.
Yet unlike oxygen, the airwaves over which telecoms companies transmit their wireless signals are in ever shorter supply.
Most of these devices can record and easily transmit audio and video.
Because derivatives are traded in liquid markets, they rapidly transmit information about the creditworthiness of borrowers.
In that application they transmit data between devices such as thermostats, fire detectors and some automated factory equipment.
They transmit information for about one second each day.
The studies dealt with strains of the deadly flu able to transmit among ferrets, the closest animal models to humans.
The good news is that while bedbugs can cause itching, they don't transmit serious diseases.
Bats and other carnivores can transmit rabies to humans.
He would recommend you transmit a fifth alarm for that tower as well.
Its two purposes are to transmit and focus the light entering the eye.
The networked operation was able to spot bomb planters, transmit the coordinates quickly, and strike.
Tesla hoped to use this phenomenon to transmit through the air not only telegraph and voice signals, but electrical power itself.
The viruses have been known to transmit genes between bacteria of the same species.
The stapes and malleus are tiny bones that transmit hearing through the inner ear.
After all, nerves and telegraph wires were both long strands, and they both used electricity to transmit signals.
Today a single hair-thin optical fiber in a long-distance line can transmit more than a billion bits of information a second.
Of course, many other animals contract and transmit rabies.
They are not there to transmit to you real concrete information about the deep history of a population and its relationship.
Captive chimps can also transmit traditions between each other, once seeded by scientists.
New technologies wirelessly transmit high-definition video.
Living lasers might transmit information about health and disease.
The sensor could transmit the pressure reading to a receiver on one's watch that displays the data.
The sensor is designed to measure intraocular pressure and wirelessly transmit the data to a nearby computer.
Today's cell-phone networks consist of base stations that both transmit and receive signals.
The electrodes stimulate cells that transmit information to the brain, and must be powered by an external battery.
The neural wires that transmit electrical messages from cell to cell in the brain are coated with a fatty layer called myelin.
But there have been many much more ambitious attempts to devise more powerful ways to transmit power.
In one, they ran a cable from near the car to near the key and used it to transmit the signals.
These sheets of flexible electronics can wirelessly transmit power to gadgets.
But their need for antennas to transmit data has held up efforts to shrink them.
Nothing available today provides a low-cost, mobile solution that can be used remotely to both gather and transmit images.
In this case, simply blast the plasma sheath from inside the spacecraft with the signal they want to transmit.
She says that these sensors are spread out over large areas and need to transmit large amounts of data.
It begins when nerves transmit the feeling of trauma, and the brain interprets how much feeling there will be.
They transmit information wirelessly to a monitoring device on the sidelines.
What's more, later generations of the device could wirelessly transmit the data to a doctor's office or central database.
In others, handling of an animal with skin lesions was enough to transmit the virus.
Although this radiation may be harmless to our bodies, it can severely inhibit our ability to receive and transmit information.
Most of its work defines ways to transmit, encode and format data.
Without an atmosphere to transmit heat or sound, each patch of the moon is an island in an unnavigable sea.
Still, there have been no reported cases that the bugs actually transmit human disease.
Universities exist to discover and transmit knowledge.
As mobile phones become more sophisticated, they transmit and receive more data over the airwaves.
While all mammals can get the disease, not all can transmit the virus to others, however.
Although the insects do not transmit disease, living with these bloodsuckers can be traumatic.
She felt she could inspire it, transmit it, increase its general sum.

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