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There is a third characteristic trait, a dauntless courage in accepting life.
Rarely does one gene determine one trait, and rarely does one trait vary because of one gene.
Also a mutation could only result in a variation of a trait that is already there.
The proportionally long necks of sauropods must have had some adaptive advantage for the trait to be so widespread and persistent.
The more developed the trait, the larger the organ, and the larger a protrusion it formed in the skull.
Rabbits, however, may be less likely to share this trait with their hare relatives.
What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming.
Sooner or later that which is now life shall be poetry, and every fair and manly trait shall add a richer strain to the song.
The loss here would have been far heavier than it was had it not been for a curious trait shown by the cattle.
One could not catch a trait of the past, still less of the future.
It would be strange indeed if a human trait so widespread and significant had never been noticed and turned to account.
In this last trait the fertilising influence ascribed to the representative of the tree-spirit comes out clearly.
Contradiction, even hypocrisy, seems to be a lamentable trait of mammoth publishers.
Silver makes friends easily, a trait that has served him well in his business.
Structured procrastination is the art of making this bad trait work for you.
Animal-breeding experiments have established that physical aggression is in part a variable, heritable trait.
Most geneticists cannot understand why this trait which does not contribute to procreation was not weeded out along time ago.
He goes on to say that it is a distinctly human trait to put the weakest at the center of social life.
It expresses a degree of humility, which is perceived to be a character trait lacking in many newly minted doctorate holders.
If so, that's a trait that should have been noticed earlier in her career and reported in her recommendation letters.
In your post, you see confidence as a behavior trait.
Well, with her advancing age and dementia, this particular behavioral trait seems to be manifesting itself in rather bizarre ways.
We have become steadily more intelligent throughout that period which indicates that this, too, was an important selection trait.
But despite the myriad variations, one common trait is that it is almost always sold tax-free and therefore illegally.
Yet it has another trait: a hugely unequal distribution of income and wealth.
Feistiness is an all-German trait these days, bolstered rather than subdued by the crisis.
And it is the cocooning mentality is an antique trait.
Anyways, the personality trait section was riveting.
Rationality is the main human trait that separates us from animals.
It is a character trait of democracies, that they try to make the voters happy in the short term.
The trait is unique in these strange and fascinating fish that inhabit tropical and temperate coastal waters worldwide.
The common wood frog displays a rare trait called freeze tolerance.
When a gene-essentially a set of instructions-is translated into a trait, such as red hair or an arm, it is said to be expressed.
The same holds true across every breed and almost every physical trait.
The genetic basis of trait variation has always been the one hole in our knowledge of anole evolutionary biology.
Most of us can envision natural selection tweaking a simple trait-making an animal furrier, for example, or its neck longer.
The trait is found in isolated island mammal populations.
Resistance to sleeping sickness is one trait that potentially could spread through selective breeding.
There was no capacity for bone crunching-a trait of scavengers.
Due to such dramatic effects of small mutations, it was believed at the time that each gene codes for a particular trait.
Evolutionary biologists call this frequency dependence: it means that the rarer a trait becomes, the more it pays off.
Given the power of this trait, psychologists-and employers-want to measure it.
But this trait isn't the only reason scientists look to fruit flies for clues about how memories form in humans.
The normal length of the hair is an individual and species specific trait.
Statistics do suggest a genetic cause, but even if this is true, a genetic trait does not mean it is necessarily hereditary.
So-called healthy perfectionists embrace the trait's sunnier side while minimizing its darker features.
Actually, if the team's claim holds up, it will be the first confirmed linkage of a specific gene to any complex behavioral trait.
In living things, such as us, each gene determines something about our bodies-a trait.
Although studies have shown this trait in kids before, critics sometimes blame the study methods, which rely on word lists.
Shorewood so clearly falls in the dismissive camp that it makes me wonder if it's a personality trait.
We should be careful not to characterize every trait as an adaptation and then look for a fitness advantage to said trait.
Within the organization and its ambit there have always been pockets of belief in g as an inherited trait.
But these similarities in trait and background produced radically different conclusions.
They reflect one kind of dominance hierarchy, which is a general trait of organized mammalian societies.
That's not a good trait when the enemy could be nearby.
For this reason it is impossible to parse a particular complex trait into purely genetic and purely environmental components.
It is something he sees as regrettable, perhaps, but necessary-a trait that defines his stature.
There are also trait-based changes specific to position.
The biggest trait worth noting among all peach varieties is.
Sure it's a good trait but by no remote way should it be a gauge of leadership.
Improving yeast-ethanol tolerance is difficult because it is a complicated trait involving many genes.
They're heavy for the energy they store--a bad trait for mobile applications.
If producing oil was a trait that enhanced survivability of the organism this would be a trait that would have already happened.
The second required trait was sociability, or an ability to be attracted toward moving neighbors and physically align with them.
The phenomenon would seem to make no sense in light of the evidence that g is largely an inherited trait.
Of course, to have a nonzero heritability in a population, a trait must be heritable at the individual level.
The speeches also display as a strength a personal trait that can seem, instead, an indulgence.
There is, of course, one last trait all these people have in common.
The essential thing about languages, their defining trait, is their structure.
The common trait in all his poses and voices is excess of drama.
It was a preview of a trait he would grow famous for in business: emotion-free crisis management.
It's the trait friends of the family speak of with admiration.
Take linebreeding, which involves mating closely related dogs with a desired trait-perfectly droopy ears, for example.
Siblings vary in height, even though though the trait seems mostly controlled by variation in genes on the population level.
But still yeah itd be great for us individually to somehow take advantage of the trait the jellyfish earned and live forever.
But each patient had exhibited an unusual and misleading trait.
The latter is probably due to the genetic architecture of the trait.
Bipedalism is a quintessentially human trait that distinguishes us from other primates.
The trait affects only the legs, unlike the small-all-over effect seen in miniature or toy breeds, such as poodles.
In other words, you know altruists by a correlated physical trait.
But there is no general answer about how gene and trait are related across all environments.
From a technological perspective, a more intriguing trait of the rare earths is that some of them are highly magnetic.
Most of the corn and soybeans planted in the heartland contain this biotech trait for weed control.
Some social psychologists have theorized that prejudice may be an innate human trait.
Recessive traits require both genes in the gene pair to work together to control the trait.
It may be inherited as an autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive trait.
According to the researchers, it all boils down to a behavioral trait called adaptation.
Each of these tests illustrates the psychological trait known as anchoring.

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