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Example sentences for timid

Even remedies of a right tendency have become discredited because of the failure of a timid and vacillating application of them.
But its goals are so modest, so tiny, so timid that fulfillment is exactly what it does not provide.
Timid sheep graze in flocks to guard against predators.
Advocates of space exploration, meanwhile, often deride the space station as too timid a venture.
Not timid in attempts to run the ball through the pile.
The cloned animals exhibit the full spectrum of behavioral traits, from curious and inquisitive to timid and shy.
It was admittedly a timid effort that suggested the barest glimpse of new media's potential, but it was something.
Meanwhile, the more timid among us can sit back and watch.
Timid and complacent, our big companies are showing the same tendencies that turned traditional utilities into dinosaurs.

Famous quotes containing the word timid

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