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The bill would also tie teacher-training grants to student outcomes, linking grant renewal to student achievement.
Various attempts through history have been made to tie politicians to the mast and prevent them from ruining the public finances.
In addition, you should tie the legs of the calf so it does not immediately try to nurse the cow.
Kids always seem to win if there is a tie over a roll.
Tie openings around poles so kids can run in and out.
Make a dress out of a white sheet, tie your hair up in buns.
First, though, there is the odd loose end to tie up.
Tie the lion's mane around your hood and secure it with safety pins.
It would then make more sense to tie my arms up while running, thus burning more energy without having to increase my workouts.
When he was not in his lab coat, he usually wore a bow tie and a dark suit.
For each garland, loosely tie a branch rope around the poles.
Once stuffed, tie the back legs together using your kitchen twine.
He'd definitely wear a button-down broadcloth shirt, probably light blue, with a school tie.
Such risk capital has a cost: the return that lenders or shareholders demand if they are to tie up their money in the company.
Pin the ears and tail in place and tie on the fur cuffs.
He had no trouble locating the two cuff links but the tie bar had been lost in his sock drawer.
For easy carving, have the butcher cut the rib-eye muscle from the bones, then tie the meat and bones back together for roasting.
Tie lines from the other three borders to the central loop.
There does not seem to be one overarching project or thesis to tie the program together.
Punch a hole at the top and tie a string through the hole.
When you have to tie one on, it might as well be scientifically stylish.
Thread one of the pieces of tie wire between two of the thin boards of each pallet to tie them together.
Starting at any point, tie the twine around all layers of the wreath.
The announcement will end an ongoing bitter race between the two groups in a tie.
Now enclose the cookie sheet in a large, dark garbage bag and tie the end.
And the liberated drop immediately drips onto your interview tie.
Once the bag is bulging with paper, press it into a ball or other shape and tie off the top of the bag with ribbon or string.
If you use a metal roasting pan, tie a folded towel around the pan rim when you serve to conceal its utilitarian nature.
Now a piece of the puzzle has been discovered that might tie together all of these declines.
Included straps allow you to tie on tripod or personal items to the bottom of the bag.
And for field producers, a suit and tie is not usual attire.
Tie raffia around the place where the husks meet in the middle.
Deep emerald green marble countertops tie the color scheme together.
If you staked the plant, loosely tie it to the stake.
Then use soft twine to tie the canes together and keep them from whipping around in wind.
Tie two opposite corners of cheesecloth into a knot over curds and do the same with the other two corners.
Put stakes at opposite sides of cylinder and tie cylinder firmly to them.
We are suspicious of applications that do indicate some kind of tie or affinity for the area.
Take two latex gloves, and tie off the fingers of one.
Use a piece of twine to tie the plastic in place keeping the parcels shape secure.
That's the ideal journalistic clothing: warm, presentable and clean, and easily made informal by discarding the tie.
We need to tie our federal transportation monies to pedestrian way improvements.
However, she was my last living grandparent, my last tie to the world that came before me.
Rational once again demonstrates the dangers of wearing your tie too tight.
Tie one end of your trip wire to the cheese trigger and the other end to something stationary.
The strength of that tie makes it harder for firms to shop around and play one investment bank off against another.
After that it's all software wizardry to tie the frames together.
Fill the gloves with the green-colored, sugar-free lemonade and tie them securely at the wrists with string or a rubber band.
Never stow anything in the truck if you can tie it on the roof.
Any job where your chair wears a string tie or a particularly large belt buckle is likely to feature them.
Every year, males of all ages tie vines to their ankles and make daring leaps-head first-off a wooden tower.
It needs no ground crew to catch and tie it down, which other airships require.
We all had little suitcases, sort of cardboard you know, the kind you have to tie together or they would pop loose.
It required not one, but two, subsequent questions to break the tie.
When a net fills with sardines, swimmers jump into the water and tie the ends to form a large bag.
Then tie a knot at the end of the string and tape it to the inside bottom of the cup.
After a lot of explaining, the chief finally granted me permission to tie a small camera to a diver's leg.
Bring a rope and tie it to a tree to make it easier to get back up.
Tie the twine in a small bow so that you can reopen the beanbag to add more stuffing if needed.
The kits are designed so that there's no way to tie a kit's identification number to a specific individual.
In midafternoon, the boatmen steer the pirogue to the edge of a swamp forest and tie it to a tree trunk.
He is dressed in grey corduroy trousers pushed into high laced boots, and a blue flannel shirt with a bright colored tie.
Furthermore of the same metals they make great chains, with fetters, and gyves wherein they tie their bondmen.
Teams get three points for each win, one point for a tie, and zero for a loss.
He wore a neat gray suit, a red tie, and full makeup.
Being able to convey sounds and tie them together is not the same as conveying meaning.
Some might call a ban on autonomous robots naive or complain that it would tie the hands of soldiers faced with irregular warfare.
Bond and her colleagues have been trying to tie the two together.
We use years to tie one historical period to another and make up wonderful stories.
It takes no more time to put on a jacket and tie than it does a sweatshirt and bandanna.
Tie it in with an extended visit to a university that your adviser has links with.
Some tie what they do to the literature, which is pretty good.
Now, some might say that one of the problems with soccer is the potential for unresolved conflict: the tie.
He has also faced significant pushback on his plan to tie federal aid to graduates' debt levels and employment.
T-shirts and caps and other tie-in merchandise pack his shelves.
Strong-tie recruiters produced more revenue for the firm.
Eventual tie-in with loyalty cards means saying goodbye to myriad stamp cards.
Making decisions, even small ones about which shirt or tie to wear, can be challenging in the wee hours.
He wore a blue blazer and a blue shirt and a sober tie.
Said inverters that would employ a grid tie such as used by wind and solar users to supply power back to the grid are not cheap.
Using dreams and emotions to tie you up in knots to tear your soul out with sound.
They yearn for closure and the end of consciousness to tie off the mysteries of this universe.
Not a sports coat but a buttoned suit with a starched white shirt and a pinned tie meant something to her.
He carried a briefcase and wore a navy suit, a red tie, and loafers.
He wore a tie but had removed his jacket and rolled up his shirtsleeves.
He ran in a two-point conversion to tie the game, unwittingly suggesting that running back might be a more natural position.
He has a handsome, darkly tanned face, and favors designer suits with flared-collar shirts and no tie.
He soon stopped taking a daily shower, and even went to the park to read the paper without putting on a tie.
The writers at the party could be identified by the incoherence bubbling up on their stained-tie surfaces.
But once a week he wears a suit, a fine shirt, and a bow tie.
Good notes and a bibliography are a guide to the literature that the book aims to tie together.
He was wearing a tie and a shirt that was not yet sweaty.
Dress greens or jacket and tie are worn at the other war colleges.
He wears a rumpled dress shirt, a tie, a dark topcoat.
In rich countries that threatens to tie down companies and give ailing housing markets a kicking.
Tie-ups are likely to start slowly, and will probably grow out of existing relationships.
The next step is to tie derivatives more tightly to the interests of individual homeowners.
Avoiding a direct tie between investors and the investment cut out the local regulators.
If that is the case, offering tax breaks to encourage others to tie the knot might not result in the same happy unions.
He could also be detained, if there is sufficient evidence to tie him to the commission of war crimes.
In some cases, differences in business culture make the tie-ups unstable.
Even green tea may tie into subtle subatomic processes.
They often take advantage of some anniversary or another to tie it to some plank on their platform.
Many of these policies also tie in with the anti fact based, anti science position of these politicians.
Tie a launch to that event and it's another shot for skeptics.
It's a tie between the gap-toothed grin framed with big ears and the round-shouldered, bowlegged slouch.
We honestly thought it was a tie-in commercial for some electrolyte-rich energy beverage.
Bonus-bagging bankers may be loath to admit it, but the answer is obvious: tie bonuses to longer-term profitability.
In the early years the coat was usually kept buttoned, negating the need for a tie tack or bar.

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