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As the name implies, there is usually only one cell with this type of thunderstorm.
But for a thunderstorm that must have seemed heaven-sent, many of the city's public buildings might have burned to the ground.
One is why the plane ended up inside the thunderstorm.
All that was left were these neon-lit bikes riding down the street in a thunderstorm.
He followed the herd when it stampeded during a terrific thunderstorm.
Suddenly, a fast-moving thunderstorm approaches, bringing gusty winds and large raindrops.
In some cases, ball lightning appears after a thunderstorm--or even before it.
Every frame was manipulated and color-shifted to create an intense, thunderstorm palette.
Saguaro cacti stand in the desert as a thunderstorm rolls overhead.
In his now-famous experiment, he sent a kite with a metal key tied to the string up into a thunderstorm.
During a thunderstorm, a glowing ball the size of your head suddenly appears.
Other winds are local and sudden, such as gusts in a thunderstorm.
It keeps rising, and the cloud churns into a thunderstorm.
If the coming thunderstorm is a bad one, simply scrolling a line of text across the bottom of the screen is sufficient.
The humidity in the rising air condenses to form clouds, ice crystals and rain and a thunderstorm is born.
Often wind damage that's blamed on tornadoes is actually done by winds coming down from a shower or thunderstorm.
People living in mobile homes should always have a safe place to go in a severe thunderstorm.
Tornadoes come from the energy released in a thunderstorm.
The building block of all thunderstorms is the thunderstorm cell.
Yes, lightning is always produced by a thunderstorm.
Lightning causes thunder, and you can't have a thunderstorm without thunder.
Leading theories focus around separation of electric charge and generation of an electric field within a thunderstorm.
As a thunderstorm cloud grows, precipitation forms within the cloud.

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