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Example sentences for teaser

Wall understands that cunning is necessary, too, when dealing with an obsessive teaser and connoisseur of farce.
They were the kind of teaser questions that melodramas-and long, involved primate sagas-end with.
And tempting those of us who are convinced with teaser headlines doesn't help either.
The video above is a teaser for the show, which has been in the works since late last year.
The teaser is not a new addition to media, of course.
They had no skin in the game and will lose nothing if they can't afford the payments when the teaser period ends.
The teaser rate period on loans ends and borrowers have to start paying realistic rates.
Look at jobs that are advertised but consider them a teaser, a conduit to what is out there.
Now this teaser video, which was mostly people and flashlights.

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She even had a kind of special position among men: she was an exception, she fitted none of the categories they commonly... more
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