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Kids will always find some reason to tease other kids.
Pundits bitterly debate the meaning of the shift, while economists struggle to tease out the factors behind it.
Today scientists are racing to tease apart the terra-preta recipe.
The achievement could help researchers tease out genes that cause the genetic disorder.
Trust me, even if they tease you, they will look at it and be impressed.
It is not actual life, but it is surely the tease before the last veil finally falls away.
The careful eye can tease out paisleys of color and form.
Such patterns make it possible to tease out their relative contributions.
Jim, oh this list is such a tease for those of us in less congenial climates.
Researchers can use those and other details to better tease out how the rings evolved over time.
It's great that career offices are seeking to help students tease out marketable skills from their time abroad.
Trying to use liquidity to tease consumption out of them is pointless.
He is now trying to tease out how these peatlands help govern the mix of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
It's often difficult to tease apart the cultural and biological underpinnings of a behavior in humans.
As they work to tease out clues from suspects, they ask their questions with the cunning of poker players.
Herman thought he might be able to tease out the technique with his pupils.
Science tries to tease out what is true via the tools provided by the scientific method.
Such algorithms help firms to tease simplicity from complexity.
Though often inspiring, they are more of a tease than a solution to our education woes.
With interactive exhibits to test and tease those special parts of the brain, you'll have a lot to think about.
Neither side can prove its argument, because the types of studies that could tease out a true increase have not been done.
Or they may be spiteful messages intended to tease and confuse.
They're designed to tease us with situations that are almost, but not entirely, under our control.
He liked to tease and shock diffident people, and had an inexhaustible supply of funny stories.
Nevertheless they tease and worry, poke and tickle the animal continually, so that he is surly and snappish.
Such information might help to tease out the underlying causes behind the general trend.
He did not tease her, did not say a word about her slurred speech or sagging face.
The challenge for contemporary performers is to tease out the complexity that dwells below a deceptively well-bred surface.
Still, music made a place for him on campus, allowing him both to tease the mainstream and to join it.
However, nobody has been able to tease apart the structure of commuting in any higher resolution.
Studying patients diagnosed in the earliest stages of rheumatoid arthritis could help tease that out, she says.
They appear to have made no effort to tease out main effects and confounds.
As with any data, a variety of perspectives must be used to tease out useful information.
Finally, tease out what is societal from what is culture--though they of course overlap.
But he provides a wealth of evidence to help readers tease out answers for themselves.
These all rely on throwing cartloads of computing power at seemingly random data in order to tease out tiny statistical anomalies.
It allows them to tease foreigners, without the foreigners realising they are being teased.
There was a playfulness to everything he did, and he wasn't afraid to tease the members of his crowd, including himself.
And then it came-that marvelous cascading laugh, halfway between a tease and a call to joy.
Astronomers can also tease out a planet's albedo with this method.
To tease you a bit into reading it, here's a bit of the story.
For example, the team needs to tease apart which components activate the other genes under study.
Still, astronomers are clever, and were able to tease solid data out of the observations.
But others used it as a reason to taunt and tease him.
It's not impossible, but it would take a lot more research to tease out its true significance.
It boasts a piquant blend of tease and sympathy, and has a few laughs at its audience's expense.
He revealed that his father would tease him about his pimples and even beat him.
Do not attempt to capture, tease, handle or keep venomous snakes.
Never try to pick up, touch, or tease snakes and scorpions or handle spiders and insects.
More research is needed to tease out what's going on, he proposes.

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It has been played once more. I think you exist only To tease me into doing it, on your level, and then you... more
Hurt a fly! He would not for the world: he's pitiful To flies even. "Sing," says he, "and tease me still, I... more
We make ourselves a place apart Behind light words that tease and flout, But oh, the agitated heart Till ... more
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