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Perhaps that's because it seems less real to them than other, more tangible medical disorders.
It's supposed to be used to come to objective conclusions based on tangible and observable evidence.
They are waiting for tangible improvements in daily life to give them real cause for celebration, they say.
Meanwhile, scientists and scientific thinkers doing actual work in real laboratories continue to make tangible progress.
Bill has translated his vision and optimism into tangible support for the eradication effort and challenged others to join him.
He pierced the emblematic or spiritual character of the visible, audible, tangible world.
And they were also harvesting something less tangible: a newfound, tenuous harmony.
Offshore, flotillas of icebergs drift silvery in the half-light-tangible evidence of the change.
Tactical leadership is focused almost exclusively on achieving specific tangible objectives.
Working in an office, you often find it difficult to see any tangible result from your efforts.
That's because a fully functioning ecology is tantamount to tangible wealth.
Suddenly, there's a there there, a tangible world inside the box.
So give these investors big, tangible reasons to take on that risk.
One key strategy for curbing the size of deficits is actually forming a tangible plan to fix the problem.
Doing health care actually meant not doing a bunch of other things that might have produced some tangible improvements.
Such failures at first defy understanding, but ultimately they yield to examination and result in tangible solutions.
It is equally tempting to dismiss symbolism as unimportant when measured against tangible policy.
But what really intrigues me are the implications of this process and dynamic for areas of life beyond tangible consumer products.
What struck me is the fact that what economists do and say really matters, in an immediate and tangible way.
It gives us a tangible link to the history of the language.
Such developments are providing some of the first tangible benefits of the genetic revolution.
They care less for the tangible, the wrought stone, than for fleeting thought or quick desire.
Time to turn the idea into something tangible, time to get it to market, time for people to decide they accept it.
Every time a rower puts the oar in the water he leaves a puddle, a tangible, physical reminder of his presence.
Hand-written correspondence still carries some weight as a tangible bit of praise for good service.
But even without any tangible consequences, compulsive shopping can be problematic.
Getting the private sector to build and run prisons has brought tangible benefits.
Grand declarations will count for nothing without tangible signs of change, big and small, on the ground.
However, the rewards of savings and carefully tended investments can be more modest and tangible.
When information was recorded on a tangible medium-paper, film and so on-everything had only one correct place.
These days markets prefer measures using tangible common equity, which is undiluted by hybrid capital such as preferred stock.
Set against this are some less tangible but still worthwhile boons.
Connections that start as emotional will become more and more tangible.
Tangible goods such as mugs, as opposed to abstract goods such as vouchers for mugs, probably are too.
It also offered a tangible reward to citizens toiling in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of an economic boom.
Yet in investment banking there is nothing nearly so tangible to which to ascribe the gains.
Another, less tangible, problem is borrowers being tempted to run up debts that they cannot manage.
Specifically, an increasing proportion of the workforce is not paid on a hourly rate and does not produce anything tangible.
Tangible and personal between two people-unmediated by screens or servers, uncopied and unique.
But the benefits in simplicity down the road are tangible and great.
Yet all this effort has yielded depressingly few tangible results.
But for all the career carnage on show elsewhere, the tangible political damage wrought by the scandal has been slight so far.
But electing police commissioners is likely to be different because it concerns something more tangible to them.
Fighting for minimum wages is also easier as the benefits are immediate and tangible.
Roads and hospitals are more tangible to politicians and to voters and compete better for the tax-based funding.
Solar power has been a strong and tangible alternative as far as clean and renewable energy source is concerned.
Both consider considerable upfront costs, and neither delivery tangible benefits in the short term.
Neutrinos themselves are likely a bridge particle between the world of dark matter and the medium of our ordinary tangible matter.
There are many negative and tangible repercussions for such behaviors, both before and after they are exposed.
Investors will be getting some tangible good news on earnings too.

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