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Aside from normal daily water loss in the form of urine, the major source of body water loss is sweat.
All of that work makes your body lose water through sweat-as well as moisture that is exhaled when you're breathing quickly.
Behind every renowned player are years of blood, sweat and tears in training.
Climbing trees is no sweat for small primates, a new study reveals.
It's a lot of fun, if you can ignore the pools of sweat that gather at the small of your back.
Sweat electrolytes is a test that measures the level of chloride in sweat.
While some in academe enjoy the good life, others sweat it out.
Even our sweat is adapted to arid and semi-arid climes.
All you need to do is carry a clear umbrella with streamers dangling from it and perhaps a red shirt and white sweat pants.
Use sweat equity for tasks in your comfort zone, and delegate the rest.
Prolonged exposure to sweat can damage electrical connections, switches, and paint.
Because it does not need to sweat to cool itself down, it saves water.
Scientists have not fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
If the wallpaper comes off easily, you'll barely break a sweat.
The more you sweat and the more your muscles get sore, the better you will be.
Also, while sweat production increases, the sodium content of sweat is reduced.
Selling subsidiary rights is getting money after the sweat has dried and you've long since forgotten you ever did the work.
The sun is sinking but still the sweat pours off me.
To test the idea, the researchers measured the density of sweat pores.
There's no better way to prep for a soak than breaking a sweat.
It's especially helpful for keeping the prosthetics of amputee athletes in place when their skin becomes slick with sweat.
The heavy air seems to press moisture into my skin, and my pores fight back with gushes of sweat.
Sweat freezes to ice in the nape of my neck, only to boil off again a few seconds later.
We didn't need sunscreen and didn't work up much of a sweat.
Scientists have never fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
When you get hopped up on adrenaline or similar hormones, your skin releases micro-beads of sweat.
Unlike today's intricately mechanical corkscrews, this one wants you to sweat.
At twenty, the courtyard wall behind the whipping post was spattered with their sweat.
Drops of sweat soaked his face, contorted in an expression of horror.
When their sweat evaporated from the paper, it left behind words that were spelled out from the remaining salt and electrolytes.
The astronauts' recycled drinking water came from urine, sweat and exhalations.
Melt butter and sweat the flour briefly, then gradually pour in three cups of stock, whisking constantly.
Brady builds a hippo suit so he can get close enough to the real hippos to gather their sweat.
And don't sweat making questions--if the makeups are harder, that is part of the territory.
When people are afraid, they emit a pheromone in their sweat and breath.
They are comfortable, you feet do not sweat nor will you slip.
In other ways, it's been a startling lesson in how much sweat and skill it takes to code-switch successfully.
More sweat and less sedentariness would surely be welcome.
Dress in thin layers, including a moisture-wicking base layer to get the sweat off your skin.
When it comes to the art of war, it's army ants that will make you break into a cold sweat.
Too little salt is unhealthy, especially for people who sweat a lot.
Imagine my chagrin at breaking out into a cold sweat at my one and only recital.
After having six of my own, my advice is not to sweat it.
Each half of the stadium could move independently, riding the shifting crust without breaking a sweat.
His back bore the sheen of sweat as he chipped away for nearly an hour.
They smile, then stagger on at full speed, panting and pouring sweat.
He has served his country and given his blood, sweat, and tears to the history of aviation.
His neck was the lithe neck of a boa-constrictor, but glossy as with a sweat of oil.
The hordes fan out across the center of town, gamboling across granite streets slick with beer, champagne and sweat.
Tiny, stingless sweat bees swarm us, buzzing around our ears and mouths and dive bombing our eyeballs.
Citizens risk a sweat-soaked summer without air-conditioning.
For all the billions of pounds and litres of sweat expended, progress-good at first-has been patchy overall.
The ease with which you can slip in and out of traffic, without breaking into a sweat, is intoxicating.
Since people sweat in response to a threat, that level is a good indication of what someone is really feeling.
Sweat-soaked nights here were characterised by the breaking down of traditional musical genres.
While stopping short of blood, sweat and tears, it offers new austerity and differing expectations to his predecessor.
All the grains of rice that are in the soup have been matured by the sweat of the laborer.
And the clansmen pant, and they sweat, and they jostle and strain.
One misses, nevertheless, the thrust and clutch and strain and sweat of actuality.
Some can absorb knowledge, the more tardy must sweat for it.
They turned over the mat and the sweat came out of the other side.
Whatever he does, he hardly breaks a sweat, and sometimes he does nothing at all.
So does handing over a controller sheathed in a thin film of sweat and pizza grease to a friend.
He had a rusty beard and a grand frizz of hair, and he smelled of tobacco and sweat.
Movers sweat a lot, so beverages are also appreciated.
Instead he's focusing on the newer lab members who still have blood, sweat, and tears left to give.
And then, finally, the politicians wake up late one night in a cold sweat.
They stow their rifles, slip on sweat-greased helmets.
Hippos also bask on the shoreline and secrete an oily red substance, which gave rise to the myth that they sweat blood.
The limestone walls sweat, and water sloshes around our boots.
He started up, stretching for handholds and foot placements, drenched in sweat inside the suit.
Sweat-stained hikers are lounging in armchairs and drinking beers on the balcony.
Actually, hippos' sweat has an oily red pigment in it-not blood.
Homeowner training will be provided as part of a sweat-equity education.
He has been down there among the ooze and sweat and odors, and he lets you know it.
Sweat, which is mostly water, cools us down when it evaporates.
Yet how working up a sweat leads to better cognition is much less clear.
We dress for the activity and cycle quickly enough to break a sweat, not good once you arrive at work.
The sweat, which is water is evaporating into water vapor in the air.
Back in the holding room, the remaining contestants are starting to sweat.
Sweat the onion, add the leeks and season with salt and pepper to taste.
Don't sweat it if they're not perfectly the same size.
Now her hair is unkempt, glued to her face with sweat.
When he reached the base of the cliff, he was wringing wet with sweat.
Sweat was pouring off him, actually dripping on the carpet.
The crowds dispersed, leaving behind cigar stubs and handbills and the smells of sweat and whiskey.
The windows were steamed over, and the whole room reeked of sweat.
Sean, the youngest adult in the room, felt momentarily wistful for the sweat and clarity of football in fall air.
As long as there is grime and disposable income there will be customers-no sweat.
They wear bandannas around their necks and swagger through the hotel, smelling of sweat and dust, talking loud.
The day turned as hot as a furnace and his skin rolled with sweat.
The chalk marginally protects the hands and keeps them dry of sweat.
And he won't even break a sweat because his ideas compute.
But it is quirky proclivities combined with the sweat that creates the innovations around which successful businesses are formed.
For lazy hikers, flaneurs, or getting to work without breaking a sweat.
Draining their sweat yields an endless supply of freshwater for drinking and irrigation.
By the end of the night he will sweat through no fewer than four shirts.
Stressed out by the gridlock, you decide to take a detour to the gym and sweat away your frustration.
Some of us need to make it on our knees, and some of us do it with blood, sweat and tears.
Thanks to our sweat, anxiety-and maybe also other emotions-can be chemically transferred between people.
The answer was sweat, which dissipates heat through evaporation.
He flipped the light off and spent the rest of the night in a feverish sweat.
His pale face was partially covered with several days' worth of beard, and his shirt was drenched in sweat.
But by the end of the year, many physicists were starting to sweat.
Droplets of sweat seep from our pores, drawing off excess energy as they evaporate.
Snap on an exoskeleton and you'll get the job done without even breaking a sweat.
We get our energy from oil and machines, not from our sweat.
Normally, chicken-keepers don't sweat it when their hens go through short egg-laying dry-spells.
Sweat runs down his arms, adding to the pain, but this is no time to notice much.
It's no surprise that beneath their shining armor, knights shimmered with sweat.
The walls don't sweat, though, and the air is dry enough to encourage chapped lips.
One possible application would be self-cleaning clothes in which the bacteria feed on human sweat and dirt.
The air is full of sweat bees, lapping up precious moisture from exposed skin.
She moaned and tossed in her darkened room, a sheen of sweat on her upper lip.
These bacteria set the normal basal nitric oxide level by oxidizing the ammonia in sweat into nitric oxide and nitrite.
Weathered faces shone with sweat under the midday sun.
In a sauté pan over medium heat, sweat the garlic and ginger in a small amount of oil until fragrant.
Napoleon is said to have broken into a cold sweat at the sight of one.
Electric images of dancers leaping and twirling don't begin to expose the sweat and strain they undergo.
Turn up the volume, increase your stakes and break a sweat.
Don't sweat the small stuff, and focus on larger goals.
Throats go dry even as palms glisten from nervous sweat.
But they don't always succeed, especially in humid weather that prevents sweat from evaporating.

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