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Example sentences for sunshine

Weak rays of sunshine filter through the skylight, illuminating student drawings and paintings on the walls.
In the kitchen, new oversized windows and skylights invite in the sunshine.
Now, new oversize windows and skylights invite in the sunshine.
The body has been on the road decomposing under rain and sunshine.
With water and sunshine, it can grow tall and strong.
If you count the sunny and the cloudy days of the whole year, you will find that the sunshine predominates.
The sunshine of a northern summer was coming to its lovely end.
First, then, trees or tree-spirits are believed to give rain and sunshine.
Nature allows no one to claim as property the sunshine, the air, or the water.
The roofing material withstands inclement weather and, on bright days, taps sunshine for electricity.
His giant eggs, swan fountains, and melting clocks drew inspiration from this sunshine-laced wilderness.
In a land baked by sun, she makes sunshine the answer.
The two artists worked by torchlight and morning sunshine.
When it's time to come inside after a fun day enjoying puddles and sunshine, make the shamrock smoothie.
Many of us, especially in cloudier areas, don't get enough of the sunshine vitamin.
Golden sunshine on his face, he flaps and spins his hands with absorption.
When there is no sunshine, then you can plug in the car.
Perhaps solar power can match the retail price of supplying electricity to a home, but only during bright sunshine.
But with the return of sunshine following a summer shower, they often resume patrolling and courting within minutes.
Clouds can only reflect sunshine during the day never at night.
Take a large surface area of sunshine, wind, wave what ever containing energy or potential energy.
Strong upper-level troughs and cutoff lows can cause self-destruct sunshine.
Sunshine helps to warm up the days a bit despite a slight chill in the air later in the month.
More droplets mean more reflection and less sunshine down below.
Few standing in the cool winter sunshine imagined the occupiers would be bundled away within four decades.
In emerging economies, where there is plenty of sunshine and soaring demand for electricity, the prospects are brighter.
They have no land, relatively little sunshine and high costs.
The ultraviolet that exists in sunshine can also be used this way.
Sunshine amounts range from six to seven hours a day in winter to as much as twelve to thirteen in summer.
It may not be all sunshine, but it'll probably be better than what she's facing now.
Others greet the day with parades, or by simply going outdoors and soaking in the sunshine.
The planet may also be tidally locked so that one side is in permanent sunshine while the other is in permanent darkness.
And the coal powerplant would have to be near an area with plentiful water, open available land, and sunshine.
These are locations with either a lot of wind or a lot of sunshine where large centralized generation farms can be developed.
But your reward will be one extra hour of sweet sunshine at the end of the day.
Unlike many buildings, this one looks even better in a cloudy drizzle than in bright sunshine.

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