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Fear holds me back, as the words espionage and subversion course through my head.
Late last year he was sentenced to ten years' jail for subversion.
He doesn't care if the government calls it subversion.
The book describes the regime's repression, corruption and incompetence at home, and its aggression and subversion abroad.
Subversion and destruction of outdated repressive-patriarchal socio-political symbols and ideologies.
We all know that the science is settled, but this article is straight-out ideological subversion.
He was taken into custody, beaten and charged with subversion.
Some things are better handled outside public forums subversion is rot.
All of it is subversion of free markets and of an economy actually able to deliver what people want.
Midnight diamonds are both understated and edgy, adding a touch of subversion to an otherwise demure ensemble.
The best comedy is a science, a rigorously structured subversion of logic.
Parody can be done from malice or from affection, but it is fundamentally a mode of subversion.
The postmodernist posture toward science, in turn, is one of subversion.
He's grappling with the business of how to make subversion sustainable.
These were then used as evidence at his trial for subversion, for which he received a four-year jail sentence.
In this model, it is important to prevent subversion.
Subversion happens when one goes to the bottom of a thing and turns it on its head.
Ostensibly, this was for fear that they might be used as vehicles for terrorism or subversion.
His use of humor as a means of subversion proved remarkably effective and durable.
They did it to annoy, of course, but for them subversion was something new.

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