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Example sentences for stopgap

But freezing is essentially a temporary measure, a stopgap until the danger either goes away or becomes more pressing.
Food aid was never meant to be more than a temporary stopgap before the implementation of slower, lasting solutions.
But it's doubtful that will amount to anything more than a stopgap anyway.
Repurposed agricultural insecticides might also act as a stopgap were resistance to pyrethroids to develop rapidly.
It now looks upon a short-term stopgap spending bill as a legislative mountain to climb.
Hunt apparently only meant his suggested name to be a stopgap until a better one could be found.
Coal sounds promising, but is a huge step backward, a stopgap at best in these days of obvious global warming.
Engineers came up with a stopgap solution: rockets with several stages.
But each antibiotic is merely a stopgap, its success a challenge to microbial resourcefulness.
One stopgap that top leaders have used has been to stoke national pride.
Others have attempted a more stopgap approach, only to get the blame when services are disrupted.
Likely vote in the next hour or two on stopgap measure.
After several years of stopgap financing, a longterm plan will help pay for such items as airport expansion.
But these are only stopgap measures until a more highly integrated approach to counseling can be incorporated into the curriculum.
Such short-term stopgap measures are a costly, ineffective way of setting policy for the world's safest aviation system.
We need a long term solution, not another stopgap measure.
Immediate stopgap countermeasures should betaken to minimize the risk from this threat.
These stopgap measures allow ongoing agency programs to function, generally at a level comparable to the previous year.
Immediate stopgap response is not an ideal strategy, but it may be the only option open to a community.
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